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8 Revenge is just an obstacle in ones path!
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Author :_Daoist01_
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8 Revenge is just an obstacle in ones path!

Soon the journey had ended and Xealius had seen them going through a huge towering gate with with watch towers on each end.

And the gate was massive and looked really heavy as if a giant tungsten door way, and the thing was there was no contraptions to pull the door open, rather it seems that the two gate keepers used their Qi to manipulate the door to open to the visitors.

And while the carriage entered a straight path soon the path ended, and his sister alerted him to quickly jump out of the carriage and any once the both jumped out.



As soon as they had gotten out their Carriage had instantly turned into pure Qi like substance and went into his sisters hands.

"What the heck was that Sis, was that Qi Manipulation, exclusive to Energy Manipulation Casters at the Brown Qi Realm"

"Xealius no this is nothing of the sort, rather this carriage that we were in just now was a Phantom Device, they are items and objects created using the Soul Core Of Phantom Beasts."

"By Phantom Beasts what do you mean?"

"Well Xealius Phantom Beasts are Qi Enhanced Beasts that can also cultivate, however different to us Elves is that they Cultivate their bodies, and once they reach the Second Realm and gain Brown Qi they can shift into Humans, the more higher Rank they reach the more powerful they get"

"Ahh, So they are Beasts that have more intelligence and are strong enough to rival Cultivators, I See I'm pretty sure I battled a Blade Tiger in the forest while coming here"

"Ah yes, Xealius the animal you mention is indeed a Phantom Beast probably at the formless Qi Level, anyway come let's make our way to your new home!"

———_____ ———_____ ———_____

Soon the two had made their way to Lucia's home and while going through the country Xealius saw many things such as markets and shops and the lot. He saw that everyone had a place or role to full fill however still some were homeless and usual.

Seeing the homeless had made him feel sympathetic towards them as he remembered his mother had always told him to never hold anger in and condense it into something unnatural.

Rather he should try to see the good of the people, of the Elves. And while on this little journey of his he truly felt this, he felt that revenge is unnecessary and is a obstacle on ones path.

And after meeting Lucia it reminded and showed him that there is still good in people, making him completely let go of revenge but rather make him have a goal to achieve greater Might than his father through any method, such as building his own kingdom, his own army and the lot.

Xealius saw that the bottom was where all the shops and markets where and the closer you got to the top was more luxury than anything.

Soon his sister had stopped him before both of them suddenly disappeared into particle of Qi.



And once they re-emerged he found himself facing an enormous mansion like castle, with gates and fences, then he took a closer look and saw that the Mansions gate had a symbol on it, a ❄️ Snowflake, symbolising Frost it seemed.

"Well Xealius, What do you think of my humble abode!"

When he heard her voice he seemed to have been snapped out of his thoughts and all he though was, 'Amazing', "... Um Sis this is huge, and it's the most beautiful thing I've seen ever!"

Xealius didn't know how to express his joy in such a house, and the fact that a stranger had done this all for him. When Lucia heard him she started to giggle, "Hah hah, Xealius this is now yours as well no need to feel overwhelmed and remember whatever's mine is yours little bro, I'll always be here for you!"

Xealius' answer in return to his newfound sister was a simple but insanely thoughtful action, a hug a great big bear hug. Xealius grabbed her waist and held her tight to his face as tears came out of his eyes.

The boy truly was overwhelmed, he lost his mother his town his friends, he had to leave and escape enduring the harsh forests and fighting Beasts, but then this unknown woman who he did not know at all helped him.

For no reason at all. A hug was the only thing he could give her at this time, but he made it an internal promise to protect and help her at all times. And like that for ten minutes the young boy hugged the teenage looking girl with a simple hug, as if he was her significant other, it was truly a abnormal sight, but here this is commonplace.

Within this hug, Lucia's heart melted with happiness, and she too held on tight towards Xealius and looked at him as if he was the most priceless treasure in the world before closing her eyes and embracing this dual happiness.

This reminded her of her family, but then she thought of her mum, dad and brother; I miss you yet at this moment, but I think I've found something to fill up the gap in my heart and even expand my heart, I hope you'll grant my happiness with your blessings.


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