Apocalypse Now
22 Chapter 22 - Developments
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Apocalypse Now
Author :SoulNoobster
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22 Chapter 22 - Developments

Name: David Care Points: 590 Race: Human Lottery Slots: 5

Class: Life Orb Master/A.I. Mod Energy Stored: 702.5 hours

Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun

Life Orbs: 105

It was nearly a week till David was contacted back about joining the Department of Supers. In that time, he formed several more Life Orbs and began to practice using his A.I. Mod.

David found that his A.I. Mod could track where his Orbs would go when he moved them and help him plot the best route when attacking an enemy. Specifically, several of the upper floor walls in one of the abandoned skyscrapers in Austin. The construction crews had yet to reach anywhere near the inner city, allowing David relatively free reign.

Terry also helped him predict weak points of his targets, allowing his strikes to land with the largest amount of efficiency. After practicing for several days, Terry gave David a full summary of what he could and could not do.

Summary results are as follows.

Each individual Life Orb is capable of impacting a target with 20lbs of force. When combined with 10 other Orbs, the amount of force per combined Orb reaches 50 lbs of force. When combined with 100 other Orbs, the amount of force per combined Orb reaches 250 lbs of force.

Swarming, or attacking with a large number of smaller Orbs, is less effective than using combined Orbs to attack. Life Orbs can shrink in size, allowing them to be easily stored. They can only expand to their original size. Combined Orbs can expand to larger sizes.

Using a swarm of Life Orbs to create a shield wall has proven to be an effective technique. More testing is required to see how powerful a shield is formed, but I project a 97.6% success rate in stopping regular bullets.

Your Level D Energy Transformation gives you a 2.5X modifier on physical attributes. The increased physical strength, agility, and perception will be a boon in intense battle.

The unique energy beam that detonates from your Life Orb is exactly the same each time, and releases roughly 30,000 lbs of force. Its piercing power runs out quickly, however, and after 80m to 100m, will fade. Dangerous to use when surrounded by allies, as the direction it explodes outward in is not always controlled.

Terry was also a huge help when David decided to practice flying. Thanks to her helpful assistance, he was able to float with ease using the Orbs. He couldn't fly too quickly, but it was faster than he could run and he was satisfied with that.

It was a Sunday morning when the call came in. David had just finished eating breakfast. His dad was out working while his mother was still asleep. Both his little siblings, his younger brother, who was 8, and younger sister, who was 9, were both in school, taken early in the morning by their father. He was cleaning up the kitchen when his iPhone started vibrating. David grabbed it out of his pocket, seeing an unknown caller ringing. He answered,

"Hello? David speaking."

A confident voice sounded out,

"Hello! This is Jacob Brown, a secretary working for the Department of Supers. I am calling to inform you that your application has been accepted, and you have been added to our lists of Supers, if you so chose to join. Any questions?"

David took in what he said and responded,

"Ah, yes. Good! Alright, questions. Where do I need to meet up? Or what? Do I go in to work somewhere? Y'all weren't very clear about that."

The voice responded,

"A special government regulated smart phone should arrive soon, delivered to your home address. You will be contacted through this phone for any jobs and or emergencies. Till the phone arrives, you will be contacted through your current phone."

"As for the benefits that come with your new Class B Super rating, information on those will arrive with the smartphone. Salary information is standard, you will be paid once a month at the start of every month. Every two weeks, on Friday, there will be a Supers Department meeting. You can find and meet other Supers here, forming teams and getting to know your comrades. You can also attend the training sessions that will occur here. You are currently placed in the Texas Division of the Department of Supers."

"Anything other questions?"

David replied, "No, I'm good thank you." As he hung up, he started planning what he would do. The Super Convention seemed to be his best bet on meeting other Supers and forming a team. He could also just make his friends all into powerful Supers, but that would waste valuable Orbs he could use for other purposes. He decided to search for teammates first.

From what Terry had told him, all Supers were powerful, but the truly strong ones were in A or B Class. C and D class were strong, but not as useful. The ranking wasn't based on pure strength, but also ingenuity and usefulness. He looked forward to meeting an S Class Super. A thought struck him and he asked aloud,

"Terry it's almost been a month right? When is the next Lottery Scattering?"

A moment of silence and then Terebitha responded,

The next Lottery Scattering is in approximately 47 hours.

"Shit! It's in two days?!"


Dale picked up his phone and dialed Shin. The phone picked up,

"Hello! Shin speaking!" A small girls voice belted out with barely suppressed laughter.

David stopped for a moment, confused, before saying,

"Can you please put Shin on the phone?" He wondered who the girl was.

"I am Shin!" The small girls voice declared, becoming more confident. In the background, David could hear Shin yelling something about cupcakes. Suddenly, the girl holding the phone gave a squeal and hung up, the call ending.

David stared at his phone for a moment. Suddenly, it started vibrating, the pattern he had set for Shin shaking forward. He picked up,

"Yo David, my bad. One of the girls at the orphanage answered it. What's up? I can only talk for a minute." Shin said, a bereaved tone in his voice. Shin volunteered at an orphanage in his free time, helping the kids for free. He didn't talk about it often, but David knew he volunteered because he didn't think it was right for kids to have to grow up all alone. He had rapidly become very involved after S-Day, spending hours each day there.

"You're fine. Listen, come warp over to my place when you get time. We need to talk about the Lottery Scattering. It happens in 2 days." David said, speaking quietly.

"Shi- ah I mean shoot, two days? Yeah okay give me like an hour to finish up over here." He hung up.

He waited an hour, writing out potential attack plans for hypothetical scenarios. He also downloaded several books on strategy and psychological warfare from iTunes. He figured he should start studying up on things that would be useful in the future. After around an hour, his phone vibrated, receiving a text from Shin saying he'd be there in a minute.

A few seconds later, he heard someone knocking on his door. David left the living room he'd been waiting in, opening the door. A bedraggled looking Shin smiled at him from the doorway, looking as if he was about to collapse.

"What's the matter?" He said, looking at Shin with a worried expression.

Shin shrugged, walking in to David's apartment. They moved into the living room, hopping down on one of the two couches placed there.

"Just tired. They needed a lot of help down at the orphanage, you know how it is with all the debris and rubble everywhere."

David nodded and said, "You know, you can ask me anytime for help. Remember I have the whole super human strength thing going for me?" He grinned.

Shin grinned back, his eyes lighting up as his usual self returned. "Haha yessss I will definitely leech off of you the next time they need help."

David shook his head, replying,

"I bet. Anyway, back to what's up. So the Lottery Scattering is happening in two days."

Shin nodded, looking at David expectantly. David continued,

"Now that we have some experience with getting the Crates, I think we should go for more than a single crate this time. The Lottery Slots will be very useful for us, especially with the ability to acquire new Modifications and Abilities. Getting one Crate is equivalent to gaining something that costs 2,500 points. I still have the 5 Lottery Slots from before as well. I decided that I think we should have you open them. That way, if there's an ability or Mod, you get it and not me. I will eventually get plenty of abilities, you know why, so it's more useful for us if you can power up quickly." He gestured as he talked, trying to convey his meaning.

"Okay, I dig, I dig. I am all for opening out Lottery Slots, and I definitely think we should go for more Crates. The only problem is getting them safely before other people do."

David smiled.

"That's where you come in Shin. You have the ability that only 4 other people in the world have, you can teleport instantaneous anywhere. Once the list of where the Crates will be comes out, we'll have you visit ten different sites, getting a warp destination memorized. Then, when S-Day hits, we'll have you grab all of the Crates."

Shin gave David a look. "Isn't that a bit dangerous?"

David nodded, "Yep! Which is why I'm giving you these." David pulled out 20 Unbound Life Orbs, watching as they grew from their marble shaped size back to their original size, half a finger-length large. They glowed a light blue as they floated in the air.

"How many Orbs do you have as of now?" He asked, looking at Shin inquiringly. "Just one or two right?"

"Yeah." Shin nodded, accepting the floating Orbs David handed him. Immediately he began to bond them. David watched as the Orbs slowly started to circle Shin in a clockwise pattern. Suddenly, they all shrunk down to a marbles size and flew into Shin's hand. He slipped them into his pocket and gave David a smile.

"Alright, I feel pretty confident now. Even if I get killed, no one will expect me to respawn and I can teleport away instantly."

"Yeah, but try not to get yourself killed, that's a good plan." David said lightly. He quickly called up his Status screen.

Name: David Care Points: 590 Race: Human Lottery Slots: 5

Class: Life Orb Master/A.I. Mod Energy Stored: 703.5 hours

Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun

Life Orbs: 105

"Okay! Lets open these Slots!"

Bern, the De Facto Capital of Switzerland

John Delmar took a deep breath of fresh air, a satisfied smile coming to his face. It was a good day, he thought, as he adjusted his tie. He made sure it was tied on correctly, his jacket smoothed down, and his shirt tucked in. He looked at himself in the mirror, annoyed at the burn marks smudging his image. He shrugged and exited the Federal Council building.

He had visited the de facto capital, intent on talking to the Federal Council here in Switzerland. He had several issues he wanted to discuss, including fixing several of the limited freedoms the Swiss people had. However, before he could even reach the council, he was attacked by several rouge soldiers wearing Swiss colors. Perhaps even worse, though, was when he fought back against these Swiss terrorists, several Supers had attacked him as well, dangerous murders intent on stopping justice. Even more insultingly, these Supers had also worn Swiss colors. John was astounded at their audacity.

John had dealt with them ably enough, flinging magma and meteors at them till they fell. There had been a particularly annoying one that had escaped him, a Super that melded into shadows and disappeared, launching several darkness filled beams of energy at him. Thankfully, his armor of flame and truth had protected him, warding off the majority of the attacks. He quietly patted himself on the back, congratulating himself on ridding the world of imposters and evil.

He looked around at the still burning city. He heard the screams of the dying as the enormous blaze spread. He shook his head sadly.

Who would have thought that he would stumble upon an entire city of evil? He shook his head quietly.

John called up his status, checking to see if anything had changed.

Name: John Delmor Points: 37 Race: Human Lottery Slots: 0

Class: Demi-God (Evolved: The Burning God) (1/2)

Abilities: Immolate*, Meteor Drop* (0/2)

Stored Inventory: Jurach's Burning Blade

*Will not count against the maximum number of Abilities.

He sighed. He had yet to find a way to increase points, besides selling things on the System Auction. As he looked around the burning city, John's mind wandered elsewhere. He had heard about the Supers Union that had been formed here in Europe. It was supposed to be a bastion of justice and their members would reportedly protect the innocents.

He double-checked how he looked, walking up to a semi-melted car to admire his reflection.

"Perfect!" He nodded at himself, smiling. He had an interview in 2 hours to join the Supers Union, and he wanted to look his best.


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