Arcane Jade
9 Day of Judgemen
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Arcane Jade
Author :Hachirumi
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9 Day of Judgemen

There were three angels coming down from the opened sky.There were trumpets lining up and then flew down..Zane was a descendant and is currently turning into his true form.

"ARGHHHHH!" (Zane)

Zane transformed and was yelling in pain.Then the tower of ash disappeared.Zane floated,there were six wings behind him.

Suddenly,Lace Keld was also given a trumpet.He's also one of the seven angels.He blew it and a tower of water towered around him just like Zane.

Now for the other angel.Charlotte released the angel he's been buffing and he flew up high.

The angels surrounded Diablo and started their attacks.

"[Sinful Delta]" (Diablo)

The delta hit the six angels but it's ineffective.They have two special ability called [Curse Invulnerability] and [Zyne Invulnerability],so any Curse or Zyne attacks won't affect the angels.

The angels remained silent while continuing their attacks.

"I see,so my Curses doesn't work on you angels huh?" (Diablo)

"Well then,brethrens,give me all your strength and power." (Diablo)

There was a dark red light emitting from Diablo.

"[Reality Warping]Dimensional Slash" (Seven Angels)

They launched seven dimensional slash and it reached Diablo.Diablo was hurt but he recovered instantly.

"Ha!This unbelievable power is now mine,what?Did you think I came here without a plan?" (Diablo)

"[Supreme Light Ray]" (Zane)

There was a massive ray of light shooting from Heavens,it reached Diablo.He was badly injured and he tried to recover again.But he couldn't recover as the light ray is completely made out of Holy Matter.

"Dang it,well here's my full power.[Dark Matter Hurricane]!" (Diablo)

"[Holy Shield]" (Zane)

Zane created a shield and blocked all the dark matter weapons falling down from the hurricane.However,some of the angels were damaged,somehow.

While the dark matter weapons are falling Diablo went and finished out three angels.They were redrawn back to Heaven for healing.

Now there's only four angels left.They were planning to create the seal to seal away Diablo but they need the seven angels to complete the seal or else it Diablo can just break out of it easily.

Suddenly,Lace Keld jumps behind Diablo and landed a hit on his head.

"You kidnapped my brother just for your own selfish reasons!" (Lace)

"Oh you're wrong,he's the one who wanted to resurrect me,how can I kidnap him when I was sealed away and was just released?" (Diablo)

"Brother…?" (Jigenso)

Jigenso spoke and he was healed by Lace.

"You were brainwashed right…?" (Lace)

"Save everyo…[Horns popping out of his head]Shut up idiot,your brother is done for." (Jigenso)

"I see,so your demon is possessing you." (Lace)

"In order for all living beings to be judged,everyone and everything shall die,including you,Diablo." (One of the angels)

"How very emotional,the brothers that just got reunited ." (Diablo)

"I shall purify the demon inside you then." (Lace)

"Ha!As if you ca-" (Possessed Jigenso)

"[Slash]There,welcome back,brother." (Lace)

The horns went away and Jigenso turned back and there was it.The last trumpet,Jigenso blown it and the angels can now form the barrier,after the other angels are healed up anyways.

There they come,the seven angels are now gathered.They surrounded Diablo.

"Ha...this doesn't look very good for me does it?" (Diablo)

"[God's Seal]!" (The Seven Angels)

There was a large palm coming out from the sky and Diablo was thrown back to Hell.

"Huh,wasn't he supposed to die?" (Zane)

"We still need someone to manage hell,so he will be sealed away in hell." (God)

God was speaking from Heaven to the angels.

"Now please kill those humans and we will begin our judgement." (God)

"I will,are you guys ready?" (Zane)

"Yes!" (Everyone left on Earth)

"[Zero Pain],[Supreme Light of Judgement]." (Zane)

Earth was then destroyed.Every humans died and God will begin judging them.

Everyone that were in the Demonic Faction were sent to hell for their heavy sins that can't be forgiven.

Jigenso Keld was forgiven because he also helped in sealing away Diablo.And for all his previous sins,he was forgiven for all of them because those things were did by a demon that were possessing him.

Charlotte,Gior,Xage and the six heroes were sent to Heaven.They became angels and are all now living peacefully on Heaven.

"Hey,buddies!" (Zane)

Zane teleported to them and told them he was allowed to live with them forever and have fun together.

"You did good,Zane." (Charlotte)

"Nah,I was just a side character of the entire catastrophe,haha." (Zane)

"No,you were helpful,without you,the world and Heaven would be in trouble,you were the one who retrieved the seals." (Uora)

"Oh haha,no problem![Salute pose]" (Zane)

"You know you should speak more formally now that you're an angel right?Actually nevermind you're better this way!" (Gior)

"Haha okay!" (Zane)

They enjoyed their time in Heaven and played together peacefully without much interruption.


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