Demon is Diary
Chapter 438: Envoy of the Purple Night Temple
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 438: Envoy of the Purple Night Temple

What Liu Ming held was that superb spiritual weapon Nine Skulls Shield!

Then he turned his other hand, and his palm was flickering in golden light which was another superb spiritual weapon, Golden Fallen Sand, which he had obtained from Yan Jue that day.
He didn’t have time to refine these two superb spiritual weapons after he obtained them. Besides, he had lost his original Golden Moon sword and Crimson Hydra Leather Armor, and he could use these two superb spiritual weapons to replace them at this moment.

Three days later.

In the center of the secret room, a complex array of twenty meter square had been inscribed in the open space in front of Liu Ming. As he launched a few symbols in it, the array was glowing with a gray light.

In the center of the magic circle, the Nine Skulls Shield was suspended in mid-air. At the same time, there were countless indistinct black runes appearing on the surface. They connected and condensed into a layer of indistinct runes. There were about 35 layers.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered, and his gestures stopped abruptly. He spat out a blood essence, and it turned into a blood mist in front of him. Then, he pointed into the air. The blood mist disappeared into the Nine Skull Shield in a flash.
The next moment, the Nine Skulls Shield began to tremble slightly and buzzed at the same time. The outer layer enchantment became clear gradually.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s ten figures kept changing their gestures as he launched waves of symbols. Simultaneously, he let out a muffled chant.

This refining method used the technique that he learned from the “Flame Cultivation Scripture”, which Yan Jue created specifically for the Nine Skulls Shield. As long as the process was not interrupted, the refining process should be very smooth.

So he just started sacrificial refinement not long. This first layer of enchantment had already shown faint signs of loosening.
The joy in Liu Ming’s eyes was fleeting, and immediately accelerated the spiritual power channeling in his body. The gestures of both hands continued to change.

After half a month.

In the air in the secret room, under a roll of golden glow, the golden sand in the sky was whizzing. It was circling wildly in the air.

Under the golden sand, Liu Ming sat cross-legged with a concentrated expression. His hands formed gestures while there was a muffled chant from his mouth.

He shouted as his eyes flashed, and he launched a symbol into the golden sand in the air.

The golden light suddenly flourished in the air. As it condensed, it turned into a golden spear that was several ten meters long. It shuttled back and forth in the air, making a whistling sound and leaving a dazzling golden afterimage.

Liu Ming continued to change his gestures. The golden sand in mid-air suddenly turned into a giant golden fist as it flickered in golden light, then it turned into a majestic golden hammer. The scene was amazing.

Liu Ming groaned again, stopped the gesture in his hands, and he waved one hand. As the sand condensed, it ‘whoosh‘ and turned into eleven bean-sized golden sands. They turned in the sky and fell into his palm.

Liu Ming looked at the Golden Fallen Sand, and he couldn’t help smiling.

Then he tossed his other hand. As his mind moved, a black gas tumbling out of his sleeve. It formed a vortex that buzzed in the air.

It was the superb spiritual weapon, Nine Skulls Shield!

“Great. Finally, he completed the refinement of the two superb spiritual weapons. Yan Jue really deserved the name of forge master, and the forging techniques he left behind are really easy to use! Otherwise, I don’t know how much time I have to waste on it.” Liu Ming muttered as he looked at the shield in the sky.

As soon as he waved his hand, he called the shield back again. After he looked at it slightly, he retrieved the two spiritual weapons back into the Sumeru Snail.

The previous loss of Golden Moon Sword and Crimson Hydra Leather Armor caused his actual strength to drop a lot. Now, after refining these two superb spiritual weapons, not only could he make up the previous loss, but the quality was also better than before. This let him breathe a sigh of relief while he was delighted.
The only regret was that this Nine Yin Skeleton Shield was not a sword weapon, otherwise the power by combining superb spiritual weapon of this level with his Sword Controlling Technique could be imagined.

Liu Ming stood up immediately. After retrieving the array, he slowly walked out of the secret room.

As soon as he left the house, he found that the maid, Lian Er was standing outside with an anxious face. When Liu Ming came out, she was surprised at first, but immediately stepped forward with joy. She said respectfully, “Senior Liu, you are finally out.”

“What’s the matter?” Liu Ming asked calmly.

“This is the case. Today, Vice President Fan entrusted a message that the envoy of Purple Night Temple is almost arriving on Qingyu Island. The two vice presidents want to gather all the guests that are above the Condensation Periond intermediate stage to accompany.” Lian Er said.

“Okay, I got it.” When Liu Ming heard “Purple Night Temple”, his heart moved, and he replied without thinking.

When Liu Ming walked out of the cave house, he found an ordinary disciple of Changfeng Association waiting at the door. When he saw Liu Ming, he walked up and said respectfully, “Senior Liu Ming, the vice president is already waiting in the conference hall. I will bring you there.”

Liu Ming naturally had no objections. Under the guidance of the other party, he immediately flew toward the tall building that the headquarters were.

After a while, he appeared in a majestic hall in the headquarters.

The entire hall was quite spacious. It was more than a thousand meters wide. Both the surrounding walls and ground were made of a whole piece of green boulders, and they were inlaid with several fist-sized luminous pearls, reflecting the great brightness of the hall.
There were two rows of sapphire tables and chairs in the middle of the main hall. At this moment, eight people dressed up as upper rank guests were sitting in small groups. Some bowed their heads and talked softly, and some closed their eyes while resting. Xin Yuan was among them as well. He was talking happily with the people beside him.

At the end of the two rows of seats, there were two muscular men in green robes. Liu Ming had met one of them. The person was Vice President Fan Zheng. The other man had a red face, tall nose, and looked majestic. He should be another vice president of the Condensation Period later stage of the Changfeng Association.

As soon as Liu Ming stepped into the main hall, some elder guests in the hall looked over.

“This must be Guest Liu. My name is Qu Ling. I didn’t have time to visit you because I was cultivating behind closed door.” When the red-faced man saw Liu Ming, his eyes brightened. He immediately got up and cupped his fist at Liu Ming. He announced his name in a loud voice.
“Mr. Qu doesn’t have to be polite. It should be me who should have visited you.” Liu Ming hurriedly replied politely, and he spoke casually with him. He then greeted Fan Zheng with a smile. Only then he walked toward Xin Yuan.

“Brother Liu, you are so late.” Just after Liu Ming sat down, Xin Yuan turned his head and sneered.

“Why, is the envoy of Purple Night Temple here already?” Liu Ming smiled slightly, and he asked about the envoy.

“He should be here soon.” Xin Yuan shook his head.

“This is Elder Liu, whom Elder Xin often mentions. Nice to meet you.” Another guest elder who had just talked to Xin Yuan just now suddenly cupped his fist to Liu Ming.
This man had a handsome face. He looked just around 25 years old. He wore a green robe which made him seem like an elegant young man.

“Let me introduce you, this is Mr. Guan Yu. He is also the new guest of the association.” Xin Yuan introduced Liu Ming with a light smile.

After this person smiled slightly, when he was about to say a few casual words to Liu Ming, footsteps suddenly came from the door. A young man in his twenties walked in from outside the hall.

“The envoy came from a long way, and we didn’t welcome you at the door. Please forgive our rudeness!” Fan Zheng and Qu Ling, who were sitting in the center, stood up and greeted them.

Other people in the hall also stood up one after another, looking at the envoy with a hint of respect in their eyes.

After all, to most Changfeng Association guests from the South Sea Region, Purple Night Temple was definitely a big shot that made ordinary cultivators awe.
“You don’t have to be polite.” The young man smiled slightly, and he saluted seemingly casually with one vertical palm.

Liu Ming glanced at the visitor. He saw that the young man had a very comely face. He wore a purple long robe with a row of curved talisman patterns on the cuffs. Judging from his aura, he was also a Condensation State cultivator.

As soon as the young man sat down, Fan Zheng introduced the association’s guests of both sides with a smile. Most of the others were also respectful to the man…

The young man seemed to be polite, as if he was very kind to others, but Liu Ming could see a hint of contempt in the depth of his eyes from time to time.

In a moment or so, the young man glanced at everyone in the hall, then he chuckled and said to Fan Qu who was beside him, “Before I came, my teacher was still a little worried. However, it seems that my worries are superfluous. Changfeng Association has been developing very well over the years. With so many cultivators joining, your power has indeed greatly increased as compared to previous years.”

Fan and Qu looked delighted. As they were about to reply, the man in purple robe turned the thread of discussion and continued.

“However, the key to a sect still depends on the core combat power. I assume you two also think so right?”
Fan Zheng was speechless as he heard this, and Qu Ling who was by the side seemed to agree on it as well.

At this time, Xin Yuan sent a voice transmission to Liu Ming quietly, “Hehe, it seems that the Purple Night Temple is full of themselves. They don’t even bother with such a force like the Changfeng Association. I’m afraid they may not be willing to help us deal with the Golden Jade League seriously.”

“You’re right. Once the two forces collide, we as a guest will inevitably be involved. Although Changfeng Association has promised that they won’t stop us from leaving, we still don’t know what their actual moves are. We also have to be prepared.” As Liu Ming heard it, his expression still looked calm, but he also replied with a voice transmission.
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