Elemental God
-3 Prologue
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Elemental God
Author :darkbolt
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-3 Prologue

A flash is seen as two people fell, a man and a woman. A group of five people surrounded them. They noticed something, a cloth wrapping something.

"What is this" someone in the group said.

"Could it be immortal..." someone else started saying while picking up the cloth.

He stopped in the middle when he heard crying from the cloth.

"A baby!?!?" a woman in the group exclaimed while walking over. She asked, "what should we do with him?"

"Hmm... Why don't we kill him?" a man asked with bloodlust in his eyes.

"No," The woman replied quickly.

"Why not?" the person asked.

"Out of respect for them, we can send him to a lower world, that's the least we can do for betraying them," the woman stated with a pleading look.

"Let's do a vote, who wants to kill him go to my side, and who wants to send him to a lower realm go to her side."

One person went to the man and two went to the woman.

The man sighed, "looks like we are sending him to a lower realm. which one though?"

"A particle realm called the Everlasting Elements realm." said another one of the men.

"I'll bring him over to the particle realm," said the woman.

"You can't! a princess like you shouldn't be dirtied in a realm like that!" Shouted the man angerly.

"Shut it, Nicholas! I will go there if I please!" The woman shouted back.

Nicholas kowtowed stating, "Yes princess Elane."

"Fine just be quick," sighed someone handing the child to Elane

A while later, she reached an orphanage in the Everlasting Elements Realm. She placed him outside and knocked on the door then quickly left. A woman came out from the door and looked around. She saw a cloth on the ground and heard crying from it. She knew it was a baby and picked it up. She uncovered his face and said, "your parents left you, have they?"

He looked bright with blue eyes and dark hair. Strands of light seemed to come from him.

"I'll name you Xuan Ming," said the woman while walking in.


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