Elemental God
1 Childhood
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Elemental God
Author :darkbolt
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1 Childhood

Xuan Ming is recently reached his first birthday. Tomoko Yang, the caretaker of the orphanage asks Xuan what he wants for his birthday. Xuan is a genius, learning to write, speak, and walk before he was one. He was a rascal though, running away to watch warriors spar with each other. When hearing Tomoko he contemplated and said, "A martial arts manual."

Tomoko was shocked hearing this. After calming down a bit she said, "You are still too young to learn martial arts. Your bones are still growing, and you might hurt yourself if you practice this early. When you're ten I'll give you a manual. Is there anything else you would want though?'

A kid comes up screaming, "Yuto is bullying us again!"

"Yuto!!!" an angry scream comes from Tomoko.

A kid starts running in scouting, "They started it though!"

Tomoko places a hand to her forehead saying, "Both of you tell me your side of the story."

While they were complaining, Xuan started to walk away thinking what he'd want for his birthday. While walking he bumps his head into a tree with a strange sound. Klaang, a ringing sensation goes through his head. Although his head is hurting, he walks up to the tree and nocks on it. Klaang, another ringing goes through him. Seeing that it wasn't an illusion he looks around the tree. He finds a little hole and tugs. The tree opened, inside there was a tattered parchment with faded words making out to do. He blows away the dust and coughs a little. He barely makes out another set of words, sense Qi.

Xuan thought, "What is Qi? It sounds interesting. I'll ask nana later."

He hid the parchment in his clothes and started to walk back. He started holding his head remembering how painful it is. He rubbed his head making it feel bearable.

He went up to Tomoko and asked, "As my present can I asked you something?"

"Ok Xuan, what do you want to ask?" Tomoko said nicely.

"What is Qi?" Xuan asked curiously.

Tomoko shocked to hear this stuttered while saying, "H-how do you know this?!"

Xuan bringing out the parchment said, "I read it on here."

Contemplating Tomoko said, "I'll tell you when you are old enough to know. It is much too early to know about these things. For now, go play with the others they were looking for you earlier."

"Ok," Xuan said while thinking on what Qi could be.

He walked out of the building to go look for the others. When he left Tomoko sighed saying to herself, "That kid has a ton of talent for cultivation."

Looking out the window she continued, "Should I send him there soon? What should I do?"

After going outside, Xuan started looking around. He looked towards a shaking patch of bushes in the background. He slowly walked forward and pounced.

"Xuan!" said the person he pounced on.

"Sorry, Manami," said Xuan while getting off her.

He looked around and asked, "Where are everybody else?"

After contemplating for a bit she said, "I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that they're around here somewhere."

After she stated that, they heard an ear piercing scream.

"Isn't that Sora? Sora where are you!" Xuan shouted looking for him.

Another scream from Sora is heard and Xuan runs toward the voice. He finds Sora and asks, "Are you ok?"

With a painful look on his face, he says, "I think I hurt something in my leg. It's hurting all over."

While he was talking Tomoko came up, picked him up, and said, "come on we'll get you back to the house."

They all ran back to the house. Tomoko bandaged him up and said, "You can't walk for a week Sora."

Hearing this Sora became depressed. Xuan, feeling as it was natural, came up and touched Sora's ankle. A blinding light extruded from where he touched. When the blinding light receded there was an unconscious Xuan. Tomoko picked Xuan up and laid him on a bed. She went up to Sora and checked his ankle. Stuttering she exclaimed, "I-it's all better! Sora when Xuan wakes up, say your thanks to him."

A few hours later Xuan woke up to Manami tending to him. Manami noticed the movement and said, "Hey Xuan, feeling better?"

Xuan, putting his hand to his head said, "Yeah, but what happened before I fainted?"

Tomoko, who was sitting in the corner of the room, said, "You went up to Sora, and touched his leg. There was a bright light then you fainted."

"I fainted? How did that happen?" asked Xuan

"I don't know, but in the future, you might. Xuan, try to be careful next time. If you were to do it to a random person, they might not be someone nice. Learn to control yourself," Tomoko said while getting up from where she was sitting.

She went up to Xuan and hugged him, and Xuan hugged back saying, "Ok, I'll be more careful next time."


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