Emperor of Steel
609 Towards Yu-dong Castle 3
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Emperor of Steel
Author :Gangchan
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609 Towards Yu-dong Castle 3

Du Du Du Du!

A vast plain located between the Phoenix Castle and the Yu-dong Castle.

Ten thousand cavalry and hundred trailers were all moving at once.

Whenever the horse put their feet on the ground, dust rose around the plains. It seemed like a grandeur scene one would witness in an ending war.

"Woah! This is the first time I have ever seen such a spectacular sight!"

Luke smiled after hearing Shirley's words.

"Well, we don't see anything like this in the Rhodesia Continent anymore."

The tactics of operating thousands of cavalry at once had long disappeared from the continent of Rhodesia.

It was because, with the advent of time, a much powerful weapon had been produced, the Gigant, which had the intensity to operate as efficiently as the cavalry.

And considerable effort and time had to be placed to grow horses into excellent partners for war.

Surely, horses were a lot cheaper than making Gigants, but unlike Gigants that had similar making techniques and blueprints, horses were different from the other, and they were hard to train.

In addition, unlike the horses, which had to be fed daily and given considerate attention, Gigants only needed to be looked after at one time.

As a result, many lords of the Rhodesia Continent began to foster Gigants instead of cavalry.

Of course, there still were cavalry units, but they were resigned to the role of assisting the Gigant troops.

It was a rare sight to see. 10,000 cavalry running around at the same time.

However, the situation of the Southern Continent seemed different.

Although they had the wooden Puppet, which was similar to Gigants, only a few warriors of the Moorim clans used them.

Accordingly, many nations still depended on the large cavalry units.

The nations of the Katai Empire and Yemaek were made up of nomads.

While the main power of the Katai Empire was with light cavalry armed with bows, Yemaek's main power was medium cavalry with heavy armor.

In particular, Yemaek's heavy-duty cavalry was famous for its tough armor that had magic.

The magic on the armor lightened its weight and increased the stamina of the horses and the cavalry.

In particular, when the heavy and long cavalry was charged and turned black, the appearance of it was spectacular to see.

The sight installed fear in their enemies and courage in their allies.

"So the horses of Yemaek are called the 'Black Demon Horse Units'?"

Hwang Bo-sung, who was riding in the trailer with Luke, nodded at the question.

"Yes, Master. This is the one reason that the Song Empire hasn't been able to occupy Yemaek till now."

Whenever the Black Demon Horse Units appeared, the Song Imperial Army would always run away.

"That is why the Black Demon Unit is called as a rising group. This means every time it steps into battle, they always win."

"Uh, that is why it's considered to be a strong unit only when together. Well, no matter how much magic is engraved on their armors, if they're up against 100 Gigants, they will end up getting annihilated."

At Shirley's words, Luke smiled and asked, "Why would you think so?"

"Well… no matter how much help they have from their Zen skill magic, a Gigant is made of iron and is a mechanical mass, which means it will have an advantage over the horse."

If a fight would break out on a plain, the Black Demon Units would be very active for a while in the beginning but will eventually be defeated by Gigant units.

It was because their endurance and physical strength had a limit.

In addition, in terms of attack power and defense, Gigants, which were made of huge iron blocks and high defense magic circles, would work more efficiently.

"In the end, the Gigant units will win."

At Shirley's words, Luke nodded as he found it reasonable. However, he raised an objection.

"But what if there was a person who was skilled enough to take down a Gigant with only his or her bare hands in the Black Demon Unit?"

"A Destroyer level person? Like Your Majesty?"

Luke's question changed the expression of Shirley. It was because a variable had occurred.

"And it was said that during Volga's republican war, the cavalry of the republican army lured the Gigants to a place were gunpower was buried and defeated the entire unit. After luring them into an alley where the movement of Gigants turned difficult, they shot cannons over their heads and smashed the hatch on the Gigants and killed every rider."

"Well, if such things…"

"No matter how great Gigants are as weapons, it can still be defeated by someone if we get too cocky"

No matter how good a weapon was, if the person using it couldn't understand it, it was nothing more than a loss.

"So don't get too confident when entering the war."

"Yes, I will keep that in mind, Master."

"Fine, fine, I won't act arrogant at all."

At Luke's words, Hwang Bo-sung and Shirley, as well as the other commander level people nodded their heads.

How many more hours would they have to move?

Two days after their departure from Phoenix Castle, the plains ended and mountain ranges began to be seen.

At that time, King Biryu from the side of the Black Demon Unit and his Gold Warriors opened his mouth.

"There is a small fort called Ung-seong near here. It is getting dark, so how about we all take a break?"

Ung-seong was a fort located to the northern end of the border like Yemaek.

They needed to go there because his men needed rest. However, King Biryu had another reason.

"Firstly, we need to find out the situation of the other forts, excluding Yu-dong. We lost contact with all of them at once. Going in is important, but if we enter the war without knowing what is going on, we might not be able to go out alive."

"That is true."

Luke nodded and agreed.

Even since he left Phoenix Castle, they had been able to hear about the war on a regular basis through telegram.

The problem was that there were no reports from other regions other than Yu-dong.

They didn't know what was wrong in the forts in front of Yu-dong. They estimated for them to have already collapsed, but the castles and forts behind Yu-dong couldn't be contacted, which made it even more puzzling.

'I hope nothing bad happens…'

It would be difficult if something happened even before they could reach the place, which was why Luke was hoping nothing unfortunate happened.


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