Enchanting Martial Doctor
13 Jie family
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Enchanting Martial Doctor
Author :EmiNao
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13 Jie family

The Jie family is a former big family in the Tian Jie capital south of Misty Sunset Town and it lies pretty centered in the country of Tian Jie while Misty Sunset Town lies more by the northern border. Along with the Tian family the Jie family had founded the country about 500 years ago. While the Tian family took the spot as the ruling family in charge of politics the Jie family stood as the Tian families right hand men and were in charge of the military powers of the country. Together they had won many wars and made the country peaceful for those 500 years since the country's founding. Moving along to present time rumors has it that the Tian family felt insecure around the Jie family and recently during a banquet in the capital they managed to take the opportunity to destroy the Jie family.

Jie Tang Xu did not look particularly strong in fact he was pretty malnourished and because of the poison he was reduced to a pretty pitiable state. It was still possible to however see some refined muscles if you took a proper look. He didn't look like he had ever been really buff it was more like he was the one in the Jie family who would be a great commander coming up with great strategies.

Ying Yue's conversation with Tang Xu was pretty much finished. It was not worth it to go into too many details as both of them had heard plenty about each other's families. In fact Ying Yue's farther had been a great help to the Jie family during the wars. It was not an understatement to say that the two families had very positive views towards each other. If they were located closer to each other they would have for sure created a close relationship. If that would have been the case it wouldn't have been too much a surprise if Ying Yue and Tang Xu would have been engaged with each other.

Knowing Tang Xu's identity Ying Yue had nothing other that respect for him. He had lost his family, been poisoned and sold as a slave. Her father had not only helped his family, his family had also helped her father. When she were young her dad would tell her stories from the battlefield often highly praising the family members of the Jie family that participating in the battlefield. Each one of them had been different. One had ruled the battlefield with their mighty strength, another marched forward with their wits and progressed through the battlefield with great strategies. The Jie family were often spoken of as the emperors of the battlefield. To Ying Yue saving this man and helping him was an obvious thing to do. Her father would be without a doubt happy with her helping someone from a family that saved him many times.

Tang Xu as well, knowing Ying Yue's identity and her letting him know who she is despite being in disguise when they first met made him trust Ying Yue. He had no doubt that she would help him to the best of her ability. There are a couple of things he was concerned about however. While at the slave traders stand at the market he had heard numerous rumors from the people passing by about the lord Jiang's only daughter going missing. There's even rumors of her passing away. But it was no use asking about this now. She had her reasons and so did he. He kept quiet about a couple of his own little secrets.

Ying Yue and Tang Xu left the livingroom room and proceeded to Ying Yue's bedroom where a set of clothes were lying on the bed as well as a towel.

"Take these, the bath is located furthest down the corridor we just went down through. Go and clean yourself. Meanwhile I will work on making the medicine for you. I think taking care of that first before dealing with the slave contract is the best course of action. I'm sorry I'll have to find the way to free you before I can really make you free."

Ying Yue handed the clothes and towel over to Tang Xu.

"Thanks, I'll trust you'll do your best to help me."

Tang Xu said before leaving the room. As soon as Tang Xu left Ying Yue started working on the antidote. About 45 min later Tang Xue came back from the bath and entered Ying Yue's bedroom again. Inside Ying Yue was working on doing the last finished touches of the antidote.

"Hold on five more minutes. I'm almost done."

Tang Xu heard what she said and sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. Sitting on a lady's bed weren't exactly a decent act. Especially since they were still at most acquaintances without counting the master and slave contract between them.

Five minutes later Ying Yue took out a blue liquid out of her medicine cauldron and handed it to Tang Xu.

"Drink no more than one mouth each day until the bottle is empty. Drink more and it will only make it worse. This antidote is like another type of potion. you only need enough to nullify both. You don't want one to suppress as well as overtake the other."


Tang Xu drank a mouthful of the blue liquid and did not feel any changes immediately. After waiting for a bit he started to feel a little bit stronger, signaling to him that the antidote did work.

"Rest here for while. I'm going to ask my Uncle Feng Dai if he knows the way to dissolve a master-slave contract."

Ying Yue said before starting to head out of the room. However she was stopped by Tang Xu before she could even open the door.

"Hold on... when you say Uncle Feng Dai... Do you mean Jiang Feng Dai the free traveler?"

"Yes we are both currently at his place. This is his mansion."

Tang Xu, like many other young men, had heard stories about the man know as the The Free Traveler, Ying Yue's uncle. Feng Dai was admired as one if the most brave and free men in the country and the stories of his travels were spread worldwide. Most of the stories were rumors and hearsay but other had some truth in it. It was no wonder that her uncle wanted a way to disguise himself. It could be said that he is no longer a free traveler with how many people that knows about him.

"I've wanted to meet him for awhile. Can you take me with you?"
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"Ok since I'll have to introduce you to him sooner or later anyway."

And so they both went out if the room together to find Uncle Feng Dai.


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