GODOPEDIAOLOGY saves the merchants
9 GODOPEDIOLOGY saves the merchants
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GODOPEDIAOLOGY saves the merchants
Author :God_opediaology
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9 GODOPEDIOLOGY saves the merchants

The angel looks gorgeous, cute with long curly colorful hair. Her skin was brighter than the sun and her touch was cooler than the moon. Her presence made GODO exited and deaf with words and dumb with hearing. He looked at the angel as if he hadn't watched any lady prior this.

Looking at that the angel tries to bring GODO back to consciousness but the poor GODO's view doesn't leave her staring. The angel doesn't know what to do. Suddenly a gigantic monster tries to catch the angel and looking at that she disappears.

This proved too fatal for GODO, heart broken GODO lost his cool and without thinking even for a second, took something in his hand and in great tension and unbearable pain roared like a lion and chopped the monster's head.

GODO looked everywhere, in all the directions, up and down, east and west, north to west but didn't find the beautiful goddess. He felt like killing all the monsters in the jungle for this act of them and madly searched for all the available monsters one by one. He couldn't control his great loss and in lonely emotions he started to dream about that beautiful damsel.

Wherever he looked, GODO got glimpse of the goddess and her pretty face and lustrous eyes choked the heart pump, his self esteem started to fade and he felt the world was nothing but a useless junk and he further felt that life was meaningless without her, he started searching her madly.

After some distance he sees a thin way that connects to a tunnel and after passing the tunnel, he finds a garden with all colors of flowers and when he moves further he finds a palace.

He travels inside the palace and finds that they are lots of beautiful ladies. Some of them bathing in the swimming pool, while others singing beautiful songs and the rest dancing to song. It looked like a illusion world. When all the beautiful ladies looked at GODO, they cheer up and come running towards him.

GODOPEDIOLOGY now doesn't know what to do? He feels strange that how come so many ladies are present here and what were they doing in midst of that dangerous mountain. On the top of the ceiling he also sees lots of cages hanging. One of the beautiful lady looks at the the GODO and tries to hug him.

GODO who was in no mood of pleasure and grief struck by the angel's loss pushes her. Within no time the beautiful lady turn into serpents. All the ladies turn into serpents and try to round up the body of GODO. Without expecting this thing would happen GODO becomes clueless and the serpent was about to bit him.

Suddenly a light more brighter than the sun lights up and burns all the serpents and burns them into ashes. GODO becomes unconscious. After sometimes he hears some thing falling on his face and when he looks up the cage hanging on the top of the ceiling starts falling one by one. He just regains conscious but before he could stand up he sees being surrounded by the cages being held as captivation from years and when he goes near to each cage, he finds persons chained inside it.

GODOPEDIOLOGY gets some water and sprinkles on the faces of each person and when they regain consciousness, they scream in fear assuming GODO to be a monster but later on when they see blood flowing from his bleeding wounds, they understand he is indeed a human. They all explain to GODO their tales and how they were cheated and later on caged and extortioned by the monster female serpents.

While each one introduced himself to GODO suddenly the palace burns with fire. GODO who was totally confused and who still couldn't come out of the angel's dream became weak and felt hopeless. All of them felt that they need to die inside the palace but somewhere a huge torrent blew all of them with GODOPEDIAOLOGY safely to the coast. The saved people were actually the merchants who were kidnapped by the monsters on the mountain.


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