God of Thunder
Chapter 4 – Stone Star Beast
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God of Thunder
Author :Xiao Qian
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Chapter 4 – Stone Star Beast

Book 11 Chapter 4 – Stone Star Beast
If a Ninth Ring Sage meets a star beast, only by running can you keep your life. Of course, you must run really fast, and the star beast must not be going after you specifically.

That’s why Feng Chenzong ran as soon as he heard the cry.

Lei Xinfeng celebrated. It was so fortunate he didn’t go look. If he looked, he wouldn’t even get the chance to run.

Clatter, clatter…

Lei Xinfeng peeked behind him and uttered in awe, “What the hell, that’s insane!”

Following his utterance, the others also looked. Each of them were stunned by the sight.

The stone eggs on the ground jumped at least seven meters high. It was rhythmic as if the ground was a pan and someone was moving it up and down. It wasn’t the impressive part. What was most frightening was that in the distance, countless stone eggs flew into the sky and began to circle in a single direction. At any given moment, more stone eggs were drawn into the cyclone.

It was like a tornado, but no one felt any wind. The stones, using an incomprehensible method, were orbiting in the air, faster and faster.

It took only a glance but he understood that once the stones reached a certain speed, he couldn’t block it even if he gave it his all. “If someone goes inside…. it’s a mill. No matter what goes it, it will all be reduced to dust!”

“Stop fucking look and run!” Feng Chenzong snapped.

They were a few thousand meters away from the cyclone, and the further they ran, the safer. As for what kind of star beast was in the center of that cyclone, they didn’t really want to know.

The twelve of them ran as fast as they could. Some scattered practitioners also ran toward them from behind. It was already fortunate if two or three practitioners out of a hundred managed to escape from within that cyclone. However, it also meant that the survival rate was only two or three percent. It was a heavy loss.

Lei Xinfeng pushed his Lightning Stamp to the limit. The speed was nothing to joke about. Even Feng Chenzong who already had one foot in the realm of Monarchs, could only barely keep up. Originally, he thought that Lei Xinfeng will drag them down, but now he knew that it was they that were dragging Lei Xinfeng down. That brat was too good at running, flying like lightning.

A few minutes later, the twelve of them managed to escape the danger zone, coming to a safe place.

Seeing the spectacular scenery from afar, Lei Xinfeng said, “Let’s go back soon. It’s too scary here.”

“I sent the pinpointing signal to Master again,” Feng Chenzong said.

Lei Xinfeng had no idea how he did it, but it wasn’t important. With Feng Chenzong here, they didn’t need to worry about being able to go back. Each of them craned their neck to see the terrible events from where they came from.

They discussed among themselves, but they couldn’t guess what kind of star beast it was.

There were many kinds of star beasts. There are powerful ones, and there are normal ones. This one might be one of the powerful kinds. It only took its stone controlling power to completely obliterate a Ninth Ring Sage. Only Monarchs can contest it.

Lei Xinfeng secretly lamented. He’d only gone to two outer worlds, but he didn’t have a good time in either. It was way worse than the original world. At least in the original world, a Sixth Ring Sage was already quite safe.

Clattering sounds came from afar, the sounds of stone eggs rubbing against another.

“No wonder there are so many stone eggs! That’s how they’re made! What a powerful star beast!” Lei Xinfeng exclaimed.

When those that escaped after them saw their group, they all took a wide berth, even if they had to detour. It took a super powerful group to retain twelve members after the current events. Of course, they had no idea that Lei Xinfeng’s group never had to go through the mill.

After roughly half an hour, a Hidden Gate suddenly appeared. Feng Chenzong breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s here!”

However, Guqi and Wuyang both appeared. Guqi waved his hand and the Hidden Gate vanished. “Discovered a star beast, did you? Hehe.”

Lei Xinfeng hurried came forward. “Greetings, Master, Grandmaster. Eh, Master, how did you know about the star beast?”

Wuyang peered at the stone egg cyclone. “You came here through your master’s Hidden Gate, so he will naturally notice such a powerful disturbance. He came to find me. Indeed, there is a star beast.”

At that moment, Hidden Gates started appearing one after another. Those disciples that managed to escape all sent out pinpointing signals, attracting these Monarchs to this world.

Although star beasts are powerful, they are too attractive a prey to ignore by Monarchs. If they could take down a star beast, even if they had to share, the rewards they would reap is significant.

“Ah Zong, did you succeed?” Guqi asked.

“I think I did, but I’ll have to see when I get back. I’m not sure if I really did,” Feng Chenzong replied.

Guqi nodded. “You can go back first. It’s too dangerous to remain here.”

Lei Xinfeng was originally in a rush to leave, but since both Master and Grandmaster is here, he felt a sudden reluctance to leave. He wanted to see how a Monarch fought. He thought that Master and Grandmaster seemed to want to hunt the star beast.

Guqi saw Lei Xinfeng’s expression and knew what he was thinking. He smiled. “Don’t even think about it. If you want to see a Monarch’s battle, you will only have one chance, after which you will die. Be good and go back.”

Grandmaster Wuyang also laughed. “Your master is saying that for your own good. A Monarch’s battle won’t help you even if you see it. However, if you get caught in it, then you’re dead for sure. Why take the risk?”

Lei Xinfeng then understood that he didn’t even have the right to watch.

Feng Chenzong didn’t want to remain any longer. He’d obtained the sky crystal and he could only think about finding it after he got back. It will take at least several dozen days to find the sky crystal hidden among all the other debris, even if he had helpers. He had taken in the terrain in a radius of several meters. The only reason that he could do such a thing was that a Ninth Ring Sage’s space was large enough.

Lei Xinfeng probably couldn’t. His Hidden Lun space was already filled with resources. At least a third was food and water.

Guqi opened the Hidden Gate. “Alright, go back!”

Lei Xinfeng didn’t bother scheming to stay anymore and was the first to one. The others followed.”

When the last Sage left, Guqi smiled. “Master, let’s go see. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a star beast. They’re too hard to find. Who would’ve thought that the outer world Ah Zong found had a star beast hidden in it? Haha, I bet the monarchs that got the message are rushing over as we speak.”

“No rush. I think this star beast can’t be underestimated,” Wuyang warned. “Wait for the other Monarchs to start. There’s no need to fight to be first.”

Guqi nodded. “Might as well. Let’s see how strong this star beast is.”

Slowly, more and more Monarchs appeared. Many of them knew each other, especially Wuyang. If Lei Xinfeng was still here, he’d probably be scared half to death. When many of the Monarchs saw Wuyang, they all politely called him ‘Senior.’

There are already some Monarchs that couldn’t hold it in and invited some friends to test out the star beast.

Among the Monarchs, one of them wielded a giant hammer. He violently threw it. “Open for me!”

The giant hammer grew to a size of a dozen meters and flipped end over end into the stone cyclone. Like rain on palm leaves, after a round of clattering, a gap opened in the curtain of spinning stones, allowing the people outside a hint of the existence within.

It only took a glance for Wuyang to say, “So it’s a stone star beast. No wonder there are so many stone eggs. Interesting. Also, this star beast… it’s an infant beast. This might be one of the stone star beasts’ nests.”

“Is it worth it to fight?” Guqi asked.

Wuyang hesitated, then said, “As long as it’s a star beast, then it’s worth it. However, I have a slight suspicion. This is a youth, so it has parents. If they’re here, then this will be difficult. An adult star beast’s defense is quite perverse. The average Monarch will have a hard time killing it.”

“You’re here,” Guqi said, smiling.

“I’m not too interested in stone star beasts. If it’s others, I might be more interested,” Wuyang said.

Guqi smiled. “I know you’ve killed star beasts before, but I haven’t. I want to try it this time.”

“It’s not easy to kill star beasts, but this youth star beast… with your strength, even if you can’t kill it, you can run. I’ll guard for you, but you’ll have to share with me the resources you get.”

Guqi didn’t hesitate. “Of course.” With his master helping, he won’t be in any life-threatening danger. Of course he’ll agree.

A few Monarchs already began their attack. Although Guqi that he wanted to go, he didn’t move. His thoughts were simple, which was to let the other Monarchs test the waters. If the stone star beast’s strength is exceedingly average, then he might not even need to give a hand. As long as the star beast dies, then he will get a share. Even Wuyang will get a share, given his rank and power. No one present will underestimate him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A few Monarchs cleaned out the spinning stone eggs. When it reaches a certain speed, even a Monarch must dodge. Fortunately, the stone star beast wasn’t yet mature so it will take a few days before the speed reaches that critical point. That gave the Monarchs a window of opportunity.

Mmm, that marks the end of my translation for this story. I’ve finished the novel already, and I decided not to translate to the end.


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