Hate System
1 Chapter 1
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a young man, his name was Zed. He was 18 years old and had black hair and he barely made a living with the job that he had, he was a janitor.

One day when Zed was walking to his home from a shortcut that was situated in a dark valley he was ganged from behind by some gangsters after an hour of beating from the gangsters they left with a laugh and with almost his entire money, he barely hid some of the money he earned from his job today. He clenched his teeth then he ran to his home with tears down on his face and a disdainful look.

He opened his door and entered his home then fastly he closed the door and then he walked slowly to his bed after he reached his bed he started to fall in the bed and said:

" One day I'll surpass all of you and I'll leave you all in the dust!"After approximately 10 minutes his phone started to ring, it was his family:

" Hello?"

-Son, from today onwards you aren't part of our family any more, garbage, we hope you'll die, beep!"The call ended.


He put his phone on the table and get in the bed.

"So even my family hates me so much and wants me to die?!OK, then I think I'm better off dead!"

Zed walked to the balcony and looked down. He was scared stiff and a look of worry appeared on his face but after some moments he closed his eyes and jumped off from the fourth floor.

When he opened his eyes he saw a dark glowing window with bloody red letters.


He was dumbfounded and startled.


He didn't know what was going on but his life was already a mess so he pressed accept.

After he pressed to accept a strong light appeared from the window and flowed in his mind. After some seconds the memory of the ex body user started to flow in his mind. His name was Sheng and he has 18 years now he was in a world where everything is decided by power. Sheng was exiled from his family in a forest because he can't cultivate and the family didn't want to keep useless garbage. Ironically he was kicked out by his family like him in his first life.

"-Good now I don't need to care about anyone, I will use this life to its fullest I won't regret any decision that I'll make!"

He started to walk on a road, after 15 minutes of walking a thief jumped from the bushes to kill him and get his money but then Zed noticed him and blocked his sneak attack. The thief was startled, he didn't think that he can block his sneak attack. Zed smiled like a devil that even intimidated the thief and said:

" Good, you will be my first victim!"

Zed dashed to him with all his might then he grabbed a knife wich the ex body user had in his pocket, then he used a self-defense skill which he saw on tv and tried it for his first time. He grabbed his arm and twisted it peculiarly after that he used his leg to kick the back of the knee and he immobilized the thief.

"-Please don't kill me! I have a family and I'm doing this because I need to keep my family away from starving!"

Zed out of a sudden started to laugh.

"-HAHAHA! Do you think that I care about you or your family?! This is a world where everything is decided by power If you die you can only blame yourself for being weak!"

He slashed the thief head down with his knife.

A ding sounded within his mind and a new window appeared in front of him

--|Ding...Host successfully killed a normal person!|--

--|Rewards:1000 XP, 1 hate point|--

--|Succesfully learned Shadow Steps!|--

--|Shadow Steps: a skill which increases the host speed with 15%|--

--|Name: Zed


Race: Human



Cultivation Level: None

Techniques: Shadow Steps|

The series of notifications from the system startled him, but the next notification startled him the most"



--| REVIVE | DO NOT |--

He was startled because the system practically said that he can revive a dead person. After some moments of thinking, he realized that he doesn't have anything to lose so he pressed REVIVE.

A dark ball of light came out from the thief and floated on top of it then it started to get a form of a human. After he transformed he looked like a black figure 1.80 meters tall. He looked at Zed and kneeled respectfully in front of him. Then he merged in his shadow.

Zed was perplexed and dumbfounded. He tried to call the black figure from his shadow.

'-Shadow come out!'

Fortunately, it worked and the black figure appeared in front of him again.

'-Ok you can go back!'

He has lots of time right now but he wanted to go back to civilization so he started to walk on the path again hoping to arrive at a city soon.


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