Hate System
2 Chapter 2
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After a long time of walking, he was exhausted and it was night so he decided to camp here for tonight.

'Bloody hell, why is this fuc*ing path so long, Nevermind I'm exhausted so I'll camp here for tonight'

'Hmm what if I use the shadow to hunt something for me, I'm pretty hungry right now, ok let's try it'

'Shadow, come out!'

Zed shadow was disturbed and from his shadow, a black figure started to rise from it.

"Shadow go and hunt something for me!"

The Shadow bowed down is sign of agreeing and then he left in the forest.

'HOLY FUC*, to think that it's worked'

Zed started a fire and not long after the shadow appeared before him with a rabbit that has a horn.

Zed was surprised and started to inspect the rabbit. From his ex body user memories this was beast was named horned rabbit.

"Good job shadow you may go back!"

The Shadow bowed down and disappeared in his shadow.

'Ok let's start preparing this rabbit"

Zed started roasting it in a style he learned in high school. The rabbit looked delicious and has a seducing smell. Without hesitating, Zed started eating it.


Noise can be heard from the bushes.


A wolf appeared from the bushes attracted by the smell.

"Holy shit, it's a One-star wolf!"

The cultivations rank in this world were: Formation Stage, Qi Gathering Stage, Sage Stage, Heavenly Emperor Stage, Fairy Stage, and True God Stage. Each of these ranks has 10 subranks from 1 to 10. One-star wolf is a Formation Stage rank 2.

"Time to get outta here!"

Zed tried to run but to no avail, the beast caught up to him, Zed was startled and didn't know what to do so he climbed on top of a tree and started to call for help.

"HELP!!! , SAVE ME!!!"

The beast waited calmly down knowing that he can't stay for eternity there and he will get down from starving then he will eat him.

Out of a sudden, a long sword slashed his neck and he died without knowing how he died.

"Hahaha! Lad, you are lucky today because I was near you when you started crying for help!"

Zed sighed of relief because he saw a human so he got down from the tree.

"Thank you, fellow brother, for saving me!"

"No need to thank!"

Just he was about to leave Zed stopped him and asked if he knew where a close city was situated.

"Ah if you want to go to a near city go to East about 2 kilometers on that road and you will find it!"

"Thank you very much!"

"Hahaha no need, Bye!"

After half an hour he arrived in the city. This city was named Red River City.

"AH so good to be in civilization again!"

The people around him looked at him like he was a lunatic and a country bumpkin. But he paid no heed he walked directly to an inn.

Soft Bed Inn

"This place looked pretty decent, it will do."

"Hello customer, you look new around here, the rent here is 2 yuan a day and night.

Zed paid the rent using the money he got from the thief, he had 20 yuan, what a poor thief.

He entered his room and he directly got to sleep. The next day he went again in the forest to hunt beasts for money and food. The body of the beasts is a treasure it got many uses, armor m weapons, clothes, etc. So he can sell them.

"Let's be rich!"


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