Hate System
3 Chapter 3
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Sun rays shine through the window and our protagonist is waking up from his sleep.

"Ahhh, another day, another pain in the ass"

'Let's go kill some mobs'

Approaching the forest Zed is looking around the forest and after some moments of recollection, he started to go in the forest.

He walked for some time but he didn't even found an ant.

'Something is not right, let's go back'

But it was too late for that now.


Out of the bushes ahead of him, a giant looking bear appeared.

"So it was because of this fuc**** BOSS that I didn't find any mobs."

|Emergency Quest: Kill the 2-Star Bear|

|Rewards: Status function, 20000 XP, 2 Hate Points (HPT),1 Skill Lottery ticket, Inventory function|

|Failing Penalty:-1 resurrected minion and -1000 XP|

When Zed saw what the system said he cursed 8 generations in his mind' Motherfuc*** , shameless system, do you want me to die?!,black-hearted system'

The "BOSS" started to run to Zed, Zed knew what he wants he wanted a head-on battle, but how could he allow that, if he did that it would be the same as if he would get a gun and point it at his head then pressing the trigger"

Zed quick thought a solution how to beat this boss and finally, after some seconds he managed to find one.

'Shadow come'

Silently the shadow came from his shadow prepared for orders.

'Distract him while I will kill him from the back'

The "BOSS" was confused by his shadow but after some seconds he got out of it and started fighting with the shadow while the bear was battling with the shadow he didn't notice a person sneaking from the back of the shadow.

After some moments of near-dead fight with the shadow, the bear managed to put it kneeling. He thought this was it but after 2 seconds he felt cold at his neck then he collapsed.

Not long after he heard dings in his mind.

|Quest completed|

|Rewards:20000 XP, 1 lottery skill ticket, 2 Hate Points, Status Function, Inventory function|

|Ding Level up|

|Ding Level up|

But now what he wanted the most is to see if it's possible to resurrect the bear.

He approached the bear and a window appeared in front of him.

|Do you want to resurrect this 2-Star Bear?|

|1 Hate Point|

|Yes| |No|

Of course, he pressed yes, he would need to be a colossal stupid to refuse this.

|Resurrection failed|

|Try again?|

|yes| |no|

He was quite startled seeing this.' So there is a chance to resurrect not 100%'.

After some thought, he tried pressing yes again.

|Congratulations Host the resurrection is succesfull|

|Do you want to name it?|

|Yes| |No|

'Yes, its name will be Kuro from now on'

|Name applied succesfully|

'Let's see if this new status work'


Name: Zed

Race: Human

Age: 18


XP: 6000/15000

Cultivation Level: None

Techniques: Shadow Steps (lv 1)

STR: 13

SPE: 24

HP: 20

INT: 15

DEX: 16

LUC: 5 (Max is 50)


Weapon: knife

Armor: none

Number of minions: 2 (1 hour for 10 mp per minion)

Now let's see the Inventory.'INVENTORY'

A window appeared in front of him with squares in it in each of these squares that can be placed the same type of item for 99 times and there are 50 squares this can be upgraded for 10000 XP each square. In the first square was the 1 skill lottery ticket which he won on the quest.

He thought of the item he wants to get out and the item appeared in his hand.

|Do you want to use this skill lottery ticket?|

|YES| |NO|

Without hesitation, he pressed yes and was waiting to see what will he get.

|Congratulations you got the skill "Danger Critical Hit"|

|Danger Critical Hit: a skill which increases the user speed and damages 100% for a hit|

|Warning: after using that skill the host will be unconscious for 1 hour|

'Fair enough for me, now let's get the corpse to a guild and sell it but more importantly to register there because I need a source of income to survive in this world.'

He put the corpse in his Inventory and started walking back to the town.


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