Hate System
4 Chapter 4
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

But he unexpectedly stopped walking.' FUC* how am I so stupid if I'm not gonna exploit this I'm gonna regret this for the rest of my life!.'

'Shadow, Kuro come!'

'Go to kill horned rabbits for me'

The shadows kneeled and started going.' Of course, I'm gonna work too I need to level up too'

He walked in the forest to find some prey.' I didn't have time to see this forest, it's so big and beautiful, but I need to level up right now so no time for admiring nature.

In front of him approximately 20 meters there were a group of 3 horned rabbits. He hid in the bushes.' Tch this is gonna be a hard one, why the heck every time I want to do something it will be so hard'

After some minutes a rabbit distanced himself from the group when Zed saw this his eyes sparkled and a huge grin appeared on his face ' It's time to make a kill.'.

He sneaked in his back and was about 1-meter distance from him he used Shadow Steps and stabbed the horned rabbit in his neck. The horned rabbit died instantly it didn't have time even to scream to alert his friends. Not even a second passes and he heard dings in his mind.

|Ding congratulations host killed a horned rabbit|

|Rewards:500 XP|

|Shadows Steps leveled up|

He hid again in the bushes but he let the corpse there to attract another rabbit. One rabbit from the two smelled blood and walked to see from where is this smell. The horned rabbit saw the corpse of his friend and approached it But no long after he felt cold around his neck and before he could look at what it was he was dead.

|Ding congratulations host killed a horned rabbit|

|Rewards:500 XP|

Behind his back was the third rabbit his eyes were bloodshot because he saw this human kill his friend he was above angry. He sprinted forward his back but Zed noticed it and used Danger Critical Hit. He successfully killed the rabbit but he fainted not long after.

When he regained his consciousness he first saw his notifications from the system.

|Ding congratulations host killed a horned rabbit|

|Rewards:500 XP|

After that, he saw his shadows with tons of horned rabbits. When Zed first saw this he was flabbergasted with his mouth opened completely.' Holy Fuc* it was so hard for me to kill 3 rabbits and they killed so many! HEAVENS WHY ARE YOU SO UNJUST TO ME?!'.

He started counting the rabbits'The Thief shadow killed 54 rabbits and Kuro killed a freaking 137 horned rabbits'

'Not only that but Kuro leveled up from 2 stars to 3 stars monster and The Shadow is level 5'

'That means in total we killed 194 freaking rabbits, I'm gonna be RICH, RICH!!'

'Let's go to the town now I need to register to a guild and sell these'

When he arrived at the town he asked a civilian to see where it's the guild.

'Ah the guild is right in front you won't miss it'

'Thank you'

'Oh it's nothing'

He walked in front and looked at the guild. It was quite big the door was about 3 meters high and 2 meters wide and has a sword and a shield on it.

He went to the receptionist. She was a beautiful woman in her mid-twenty she has blue eyes, blond hair and a little hat.

"How may I help you?"

"I want to register as an adventurer"

"Are you sure you are quite young and the adventure path is a perilous path?"


"Ok then, let's make the procedures"

"What's your name?"


"What's your most used weapon?"

"A knife"

"Umm are you sure?"


When the adventurers heard this they started laughing from their hearts."Kid go home this isn't a place for kids with toy knives hahaha"

"Please ignore them"

"What's your age?"

"18 years"

"Do you know any skills?"

"Yes, but if I say them will they be known to everyone?"

"No, the adventure guild doesn't show personal things they remain private"

"Ok then my skills are Shadow Steps and Danger Critical Hit"

"Are you sure?"


"Ok sign this and put a drop of your blood on this card"


"OK here is your adventurer card this will be your identity as an adventurer it will show you your name and what rank you have, the ranks are SS, S, A , B , C , D , E , F. SS is the strongest."

"Don't lose it because you will need to pay 5 silver to get a new one"

"Can I sell some horned rabbits here?"

"Of course, the adventure guild buy corpses of beasts, materials, ores, and herbs at a price a little more expensive than others"

"You can put them here on this desk"

"Sure here they come"

When the adventurers and the receptionist saw this their mouth fell to the ground and they were perplexed to the max.

"Dear adventurer please wait for me to count them"


After half an hour of counting, she came back.

"Here's the money for the ... 194 horned rabbits, 19 silver coins and 40 copper coins... "


"Have a good day"

The adventurers looked at him leaving the guild with mouths agape.

"He must steal them from a beast or something He couldn't kill so many rabbits"

The rest of the adventurers agreed because this was the single logical explanation they could think of.


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