Hate System
5 Chapter 5
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After he left the guild he went to eat something because he was hungry from so much hunting and decided it's time to rest. He found a decent restaurant and ordered some food. After he ate he went back to the Inn to sleep.

"Hello customer, how much do you intend to stay?"

"a week"

"that would be 14 yuan (1 yuan = 14 cooper coins, 100 cooper coins = 1 silver coin, 100 silver coins = 1 gold coin and 100 gold coins cost 1 white gold coin)

"Thank you and have a good staying here"

Finally, he could rest ' This was a hard day but like any other day I won't slack off and I will grow stronger'

He fell asleep. The next day he went to the guild and wanted a quest. He found an interesting quest and a big grin appeared on his face 'Hmm this quest almost every MC from anime took it so let's try this'.He went to the reception to take the quest.

"How may I help you?"

"I want to take this quest!"

"Are you sure? this is a very hard quest for beginners many died because they underestimated this quest"

"Yes, I'm sure!"

"Ok then I wish you good luck"

The quest was goblin extermination, he needs to exterminate a minimum of 20 goblins and bring them their ears as proof and he would get 1 silver coin, for every goblin he killed in plus he would get 10 copper.

The location was near the forest.

'Shadow, Kuro come out!'

'Help me kill those goblin'

Zed tried first to attack a goblin to see how powerful they are, and he killed it very easily, they are a little more hard to kill than a horned rabbit.

|Ding congratulations Host killed a goblin|

|Rewards:1000, 1 Hate Point|

'Hmm they are quite easy to kill and don't give much exp for me to level up so I'll let my shadow kill them'

After almost 1 hour the shadows killed all the goblins in total there were 238 goblins.

He was shocked to see so many goblins in the west it said there were maximum 50 goblins, but even so when he saw that the Shadow leveled up and now he is level 12 and Kuro Is almost breaking through to 4 stars he grinned.

|Ding The Shadow learned a skill|

|"Sneak attack"|

|Sneak attack: increase the speed 100% and decrease the defense with 50%|

"Oh this is quite the reward"

When he taught of the faces the adventurers and the receptionist will make him couldn't help but reveal a big smile.He put the goblins in his Inventory and went back to the guild.

"You completed it already?"


The receptionist was a little flabbergasted and so was the adventurers when they heard this. He killed the goblins in just a little more than an hour he would need to be at least an A rank team and with others with him.

"He must be lying!"

One of the adventurers said. Zed paid no heed he simply put the goblins on the desk. When the adventurers and the receptionist saw this they were with their mouth wide open.

"Please wait a second I will get the Guild Master here"

"Oh ok"


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