Hate System
6 Chapter 6
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Zed wasn't scared because he is gonna meet a powerhouse plus he would get to know what type of person the guild master was.

The time has come and the guild master arrived with the receptionist.

"Kid, did you kill them all?"


"Are you sure?"

"Of course

"Ok then come to my office we need to discuss this"


The arrived at his office. His office was a medium-sized room and looked mediocre.

The Guild Master was bald with a small beard and 2 meters high. On his back were 2 huge axes. And he was a peak A-rank Adventurer.

"Did you know that if you could kill this many goblins in 1 mission you would need to be at least an A-ranked adventurer and a strong one at that. I hope you understand that you need to show us proof that you killed them all"

"Yes I understand, how about this, I will take an A rank quest and will complete it If I do that you will have proof that I killed those goblins but you will make me an A-rank adventurer. I know you can do this at least given your rank."

"Tsk. You are the first one to act so brazenly before me kid. Fine if you can make an A rank quest I will make you an A-rank adventurer, but I will pick the quest for you how's that?"


A little grin appeared on Zed's face.

"Kiddo I hope you know what you're doing"

"No need to worry for me anyway I will surpass you soon!"


"Lily bring me all the A-rank quests"

"Sir... ok"

Lily was the name of the receptionist at the adventurer guild who Zed met previously. She was in her thirty.

The desk was filled with dozens of A-rank quests. When the guild master saw so many he grinned 'Let's see how you will finish this quest'.On the desk, the guild master saw a peculiar quest and he chosen it.

"Kiddo this will be your quest to demonstrate your strength"

The quest was about killing orcs, 40 of them. And bring their ears or their corpse to them.

The reward was 4 silver coins. The time limit was a week.

"Oh and you will get the money for the goblins when you will finish this quest to be sure that you killed them"

"No problem"

|Quest: Your strength is questioned prove yourself|

|Finish the quest by the guild master|

|Rewards: Unlocking system store, 50 Hate Points and 200.000 XP|

'Holy Shit that's a ton of XP, this time I got it rich this time'

For Zed to gain this much was like someone gives him food from a five-star restaurant when he was almost starving to death.

He's gonna complete mission even if he's going to die. The location was close to where he first appeared in this world named Lavander Forest and now he would need to go to the forest named Nehilm witch was a little smaller than Lavander forest but there were more powerful beasts so not many went there.


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