Hate System
7 Chapter 7
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

He nevertheless went to the location of the quest. He saw the camp of the orcs. He didn't even bother to hide from them and went directly to them. Under normal circumstances, an adventurer of A-rank in a situation like this would make use of his head to think a plan to deal with this. But for Zed, he had a different way of thinking. He wants first to see how much stronger is an Orc then make the plan.

'Shadow, Kuro come out, it's time to level up'

Silently his shadows grew bigger and two figures materialized from it, it was Shadow and Kuro. Now that they had bigger levels they looked more dominant. Especially Kuro, if someone would saw him they would pee their pants. A 2 meters giant Bear completely black with red eyes.

It's quite annoying to call you Shadow so I'll rename you.

|Renaming Shadow|

Zed thought for some time what name to give him after some minutes he decided to call him Jack because it reminds him of Jack The Ripper. A very powerful and mysterious murderer.

He arrived at the front door of the Orc's camp and not long after one of the orcs saw him and his shadows and alarmed the others. Not even a minute passed and all the orcs gathered there, there was silence like the calm ocean before the storm and no one moved to wait for the other party to move first but at that moment Zed makes d 1 step in front.

"Hey, pussies Your Daddy is here!"

The orcs didn't understand what the human said but from the way he said it they thought he was insulting them.


The orcs started roaring furiously at him and started attacking him. Jack immediately engaged in battle. Jack successfully killed an orc with some difficulty he was very fast because he leveled up. If he used his skill then even Zed with Shadow Steps won't catch up with him. Zed was very pleased with Jack speed but when he looked over at Kuro his mouth fell agape

One single Word was in his mind when he saw Kuro.


"Motherfuc*ing Terrifying"

Kuro was taking a blood bath in corpses of orcs. He walked toward Zed on skulls of the orcs cracking them without any care like it was something absolutely normal for him.

He was waiting for Zed to pat his head for his hard work. Looking at him with his red eyes,

"Pat my ass take a bath you smell like blood"

Kuro was a little sad but didn't say anything. And walked over to a river to clean himself.

Zed looked around and saw many corpses of Orcs and sighed.

"If only I had more Hate Points"

If he would have sufficient Hate Point then Bloody Hell he would resurrect all the orcs here, he could create a motherfuc*ing army of orcs. How cool would that be, but for now all that he could do was staring at them dead on the ground.

But in the camp of the orcs, he suddenly heard a giant howl.


The orcs' chieftain felt that something is wrong when he waked up, it was too quiet and when he looked around there was no orcs. And when he exited the camp he saw a human and two black creatures with crimson like red eyes. And underneath them were the corpses of the orcs. He was truly enraged. He looked at the human with his face. Zed was nearly peeing himself when he saw that the orc chieftain looked at him.


He swore that if he could survive this he would give the Guild Master a big punch in his face for choosing this quest for him.


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