Hate System
9 Chapter 9
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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9 Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"Wait I almost forgot to get these things in my Inventory"

In an instant, all the corpses disappeared from the places they were. Under normal circumstances, others would have to carry them in their bags but there was an exception for Zed and his BUG like system.

"Jack, Kuro you can come back in my shadow"

Of course, Zed wasn't retarded and would let them accompany him by his side. They would scare the shit out of all the people if they were to see them.

But before they got close o the city Zed rode on the back of Kuro and Jack followed them beside them.

When they got close to the city around 500 meters Kuro and Jack disappeared in his shadow.

He went directly to the guild master with a single thought in his mind 'TIME TO GET RICH MOTHERFUC*ERS HAHAHA'

He didn't even knock on the door. He hit it with his kick directly and the door opened wide open with a loud sound.

"WHO DARE??!!?!!?"

Ever since he was assigned as the guild master he didn't see someone this disrespecting in front of him. After all, he was a mighty figure of A-grade adventurer. The A-rank adventurers were only people from noble families, guild masters, etc. The S-rank adventurers were scarce and they were big peoples like emperors, kings, grand court mage, ark duckies. On the SS-rank adventurers were very few informations about them, they were akin to gods, very very powerful, they could destroy a country if they feel like it. There was once an SSS-rank adventurer, the legends said that he was so powerful that he can even destroy an entire continent with a flip of his finger, but because there was just only 1 person who has gotten so powerful the SSS-rank wasn't officially posted, for most people this was only a myth or legend.

"Baldy I'm back"


When the Guild Master saw this fella his heart skipped a little. 'Did this fucking noob completed that quest. He must be lying, that quest I picked because it was the hardest I could find there were some rumors that even an Orc Chieftain lived there.'.

But when he saw all those corpses of orcs that appeared out of nowhere. He spat out a mouthful of blood on the floor.

"Baldy it's time to fulfill your part now."


He snorted and sighed but after that, he agreed.


"Ok but if you're joking right now I'm gonna report this"

"HMPH! At least give this old man some face, trust me I'm not that low to trick kids"

"By the power, I'm giving the right for this young man to be an A-rank adventurer"

The moment he said those words the adventurer card that he got when he registered sparkled and It appeared now that he was an A-rank adventurer.

And a series of dings sounded in his head.

|The Quest Was completed|

|Rewards: 50 Hate Points, 200.000 XP, unlocked System Store|

The speech that the guild master (by the way he is named Roger Voltenbrik) echoed in the entire guild.


This was the normal reaction when the people heard this because there were only 5 people of A-rank in the guild of this city. Of course, they ran like madmen towards the office of Roger to see who was the one who achieved this grand rank.But when they saw the rookie who just joined a few days ago they jaws fell.


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