Hate System
11 Chapter 11
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11

"AH, even after so much effort this isn't sufficient to buy something from the store"

"Let's go to make a killing spree on a quest"

Zed went slowly to the guild to take on quests but this time a peculiar thought appeared in his mind.

He went to the receptionist.

"How may I help you, sir?"

"I want to take a party quest."

"Do you have a created party or do you want to join a random party of your rank?"

"A random one"

"Thank you, what's your rank?"

"A-rank adventurer"

When she heard this she was quite startled. After all only great people had attained that rank. Not many has the power to acquire it

"Are you sure, you look pretty young for that rank?"

"Yes here is my adventure card to confirm it if I look REALLY that suspicious"

Zed was quite exasperated. What's wrong to be young and powerful, underestimating him really made him feel enraged.

"Thank you, please wait in the waiting room for you to meet your teammates."

He went to a small room, the room was small, mediocre and simplistic but so what it's just a room. Even if it were to be really big, spacious and grandiose it won't help him in his life. He sat down waiting for his teammates. After an hour an 30 minutes or so, his teammates arrived. The first one to enter was a swordsman, he has 1.78 meters, brown hair, brown eyes and looked like 19 years old. He has an aura witch even normal people as long as they're not blind they would certainly know this man wasn't simple. The second one witch entered was a Priestess, she looked beautiful and elegant, her hair was blond with green eyes. Zed thought she was the healer. The last one to enter was a man who looked like 21-22 years old, he was almost 2 meters high and he was like a macho with big muscles. The Swordsman approached Zed sizing him up from toe to head.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Roland, we are your teammates, I hope we could get along."

"Leader, he looks so frail are you sure this is him?"

The big Macho talked with his eyes fixated on Zed. In his eyes, he thought Zed was just a weakling.

"Haki, what did I told you earlier, to don't judge people by their looks?!"

"Hmph, I won't apologize to weaklings"

Zed ignored it but that doesn't mean he will forget it.

"I'm apologizing in his behalf for insulting you"

"Neah, don't put it in your mind, I don't put to heart words of musclebrains."



"Humph got lucky kid, gotta thanks to my leader for saving your ass"

"The priestess over there is named Leah!"

"Nice to meet you!"

"She is our healer, she heals our wounds in battles to help us"

"Nice to meet you all, My name is Zed and I will be your new teammate for some time, I hope I could get along with you all!"

They discussed for some time and selected a quest.

Kobold Extermination Quest.


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