Hate System
12 Chapter 12
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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12 Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The location of the quest was nearby to a city, named Azure Fang city. They went to a merchant, paid the price. Every one of them paid a part of the price to be fair. On the way, Zed thought of something on the way to Azure Fang.

If the system puts a penalty on a quest, and the system puts on a quest whenever he wants, wouldn't Zed be just a slave of the system?. But when he heard the next reply he was pleased.

|Host the system is made solely for you to help you, the host makes its own choices in life, the system only helps him. please don't harbor such things your little poor system|

This reply made a worry to disappear from Zed's heart.

The carriage stopped when the night arrived and camped in a little forest named Lathia Forest. This forest was little in stature compared to the forest he was. Lathia Forest is only 3-4 kilometers large. While Lavender Forest is 900-1000 kilometers large and the forest nearby to Azure Fang city is 500-600 kilometers large. Plus this forest was peaceful, the most powerfull beasts here were One-star Wolves but they were rare to find here the most common beasts to find here were Horned Rabbits.

Zed was wondering how large this world is.

"This world sure is big!" Zed lamented.

"You could say that again, even now we haven't found how big this world is!"

"Even S-rank and SS-rank powerhouses, who are beasts of their own and move extremely fast couldn't find even after years of exploration"

Zed was flabbergasted when he heard this, his eyes nearly popped out.

They ate a horned rabbit that was brought from Roland and went to sleep.

When everyone was sleeping without a worry for anything Zed sneaked out of his tent and went a little deeper in the forest,

"Jack, Kuro comes out it's time for a killing spree on those weaklings!"

On Zed's face laid a big smile how could anyone not know what was in his head, just two words 'FREE XP!'.

Jack and Kuro went into the forest and Zed went back to his tent to sleep, he couldn't wait to see what level Kuro and Jack reached. It didn't last long before he fell asleep. In the morning they before they prepare to go, Jack, secretly went into the location where he was last night.

"Stop hiding it's me"

Jack and Kuro stopped hiding and appeared in face of Zed full of blood and with tons of corpses.

"HOLY SHIT did you massacred the entire forest?!"

While Jack was level 18 which was already pleasing Kuro like always surprised him with a freaking level of 23.

They went to his shadow exhausted mentally because physically they can't get exhausted because he replenishes them with his MP.

"With this many corpses of horned rabbits, I don't need to think for money for now!"

With a wave of his hand, the corpses disappeared in his Inventory. There were in total of 364 corpses.

When Zed saw this number he almost passed out.

"Holy Fuc*, did they kill your entire family and ancestors for killing so many of them?!"

He didn't stay there much worrying that they would find that he was missing. He went fast to the camp. Fortunately, no one saw him.

Right now they prepared everything and in the next hours, they would arrive at Azure Fang city.


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