Hate System
13 Chapter 13
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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13 Chapter 13

Chapter 13

And so they arrived, safe and sound to Azure fang. For Zed, this was a very good night with tons of rewards. The party rented rooms to an Inn which was cheap with decent rooms. Because it was an A-rank quest they thought It would be at least 2 or 3 days to finish the quest, but little they did knew about Zed cheats.

Deducting that the pieces of information from the quest the kobolds are 3-star beasts who are savages, they kill every other race and even some of their race. They were like werewolves but smaller and flexible, they used rusted swords and had a little light armor even if they have the intelligence of a 2-year-old they were flexible and ruthless, they moved in groups of 3-4 and they had a camp in a cave. Rumors that even a kobold leader is there that is a 4-star beast. Wich was equivalent to an A-rank adventurer.

They decided to start the quest officially tomorrow because they were exhausted from the travel. The didn't have a time limit because they were A-rank adventurers. For somebody to rank up from rank B they would need to pass a test assigned by the guild. After they pass the test then they won't have a time limit because they are trustworthy.

In Azure, Fang city were stronger people comparing to Red Leaf City. There were more A-ranks adventurers and there was even an S-rank person here, he is the city lord, his name is

"Dante Novrain"

Zed broke up form the rest of the party to explore the city. He was walking peacefully exploring the city. But at a moment a cute little lolita bumped into him.

"-Mister please save my mother, she is ganged from some thieves in that alley!"

When Zed heard this he was quite angered, in his last day on Earth he was ganged by thieves so of course, he hated them very much.' So even in this world, these types of persons exist!'

"-Ok let's hurry up!"

Zed trusted her without a second thought. The alley she said her mother was is a very dark alley and people seem to avoid it.

He entered the alley but he didn't saw anyone, he turned his head back to ask the lolita if this is the correct place but he met in exchange a kick. The kick was very strong it was evidently from an A-rank.

"-Good work seems like this one is a rich pig, HAHA"

The lolita transformed into a fat guy who was smiling at him.

"-Haha, who the heck would know that we would trick somebody with this little cheap trick?!"

Zed was filled with deep hatred like now, he stood up silently looking down without saying a word.

"Huh, do you wanna fight back? kiddo if you know what's better for you give us all your goods and we might spare your dog life!"

Zed slowly moved up his head and looked at him viciously like seeing an Ark enemy.

|Requirements found ... initializing HATE MODE!|

|Auto-fight mode activated (temporary) + All stats doubled (temporary) + 2X XP and Hate points (temporary)|

|Depleting 1 Hate Point for every minute|

Zed body which was fighting on his own sprinted forwards the guy who threatened him with an evil smile on its face. When the thieves saw that smile their heart skipped a beat but the thief didn't even have time for a reaction before his head failed down. Jack and Kuro raised from his shadows. Jack used "Sneak attack" on the fake lolita guy and Kuro used killed the rest of the thieves, they damaged him a little but he had "Blood for Blood" so he killed them.

|Ding.. +25000 XP|

Jack didn't level up but Kuro did level up with 2 levels. Right now Kuro was like a living tank with a HOLY FUC*ING level of 25.

The thieves couldn't scream much, but even if they screamed no one heard them because the alley was very deep. When Zed regained his conscience he already saw that he killed the thief and their shadows the rest he was quite startled but that was just a little scare when he heard what the system said to him he almost had infarct.

He checked his stats.' Status '

|Name: Zed|


|Age: 18|


|XP: 30000/55000|

|Cultivation Level: None|

|Techniques: Shadow Steps(lv.3)

Danger Critical Strike(lv.1)|

|Str: 18

Spe: 45

Def: 24

Hp: 20

Int: 20

Dex: 20

Sta: 35

Luc: 7 (max is 50)

Mp: 42|

|Weapon: Knife|

|Amor: None|

|Number Of Minions: 2|

|Stats Points:0|

|Hate Points:45|

'I have such little defense I need up put more stats in DEF from now on to not end up like this, and the most important thing NEVER TRUST ANYONE!!'


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