Hate System
14 Chapter 14
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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14 Chapter 14

Chapter 14

After Zed and his shadows decimated the thieves. Zed simply went back in his room like he didn't give a shit about them. But he made sure to remember that he is quite weak now in terms of the power of adventurers his strength is just decent and nothing more but even decent was not enough for him after all who he was A MAN WITH A SYSTEM!

He needs to be an op being in the future or how to fuck would he have the face to meet with his ancestors in heaven. But right now out was dark and Zed thought of a very interesting idea. He went near the place where he and his team had the quest.

"Jack, Kuro time to make a blood bath!"

The Shadows silently appeared from his shadow already knowing what to do without any more explanation. After Zed saw that his minions already know what to do without him explaining more he was a little startled but a big smile was on his face.A Very Greedy Smile!

After that, but this time he didn't went back to his home. He planned to resurrect those kobolds to work for him. He imagined how would he be in the future he imagined himself be on a throne with a HOLY FRICKING ARMY WITH ALL TYPES OF BEATS AND MONSTERS. If he accomplished that wouldn't he be a bloody existence?!

Jack and Kuro didn't rush they silently walked and killed those kobolds, Kuro tanked their attacks while jack cut their throats. Screams and despair filled the whole place.

"~Lalala Die Die Die and become my minions~"

Zed just jumped here and there and resurrected kobolds, right now he had 45 Hate Points. If he wouldn't use them here then he would be nothing but a fool and a retard.

He killed the majority of kobolds but from their cave, a peculiar kobold exited. He has red fur, brown eyes and a bronze crown on him. He is undoubtedly the kobold's king.

"Hawhr jahrlok msa khal!"

He seemed to talk in his own language, but from the way he looked at him Zed thought he said

'Human you killed my men now it's time for you to pay with your dead' and a lot of mockery on top of that. Zed didn't put it to heart and ordered Kuro to kill him.

Right now Zed resurrected 30 kobolds and he was in a very good mood now he didn't want to ruin it because of this beast. He thought that his strength would be decent but no more than that, and Kuro would be able to kill him with ease.


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