Hate System
16 Chapter 16
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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16 Chapter 16

Chapter 16

'I wonder what faces would my teammates make when they see that the entire camp of kobolds was destroyed, I can't wait to see'

'Time to go to sleep'

Zed went back to the town, where he saw the night sentries he shows them his adventurer card. they nodded and they let him in, after that he went to the Inn where he went directly in his bed.

'Another day like shit'

The bed was soft and one could easily sleep in. This was truly a decent Inn to sleep, the money for rent was spent wisely.


Zed opened his eyes ready for another day of his life.

'HOLY JESUS what have you got for me today?!'

'Time to go to fulfill the quest'

He opened the door and went to the Inn lobby where his teammates sited at a desk discussing the quest.

"Good morning"

Zed said it casually.

"Errr...Zed you really like to sleep much?"

Roland said hesitantly.

"Huh? why do you ask that?"

"You've been asleep yesterday for the whole day"


Zed was astonished and startled when he heard this

'System explain me why did I sleep this much'

|Because host was knocked out unconsciously the system activated HATE MODE|

'Yeah I know that but why I slept so much?'

|Your body isn't very powerful and HATE MODE uses much mental strength|

Zed's worries disappeared after the system explained this, he thought he is sick or something.

"Sorry I was very exhausted these past days"

"No need to worry, we already discussed about the strategies we will explain them to you on the way. let's go!"

They used a basic formation: Roland and Zed attacked the monsters, Haki tanked them and protected Leah.

But when they arrived, they went to the front of the cave in an instant their jaws dropped down with their weapons.


Haki said bewildered. If someone would say to him what he saw now he would be whacked to death by him. This was way to savage.

Some corpses were sliced while others were destroyed. This was truly sinister and horrifying to see. It was truly a massacre and a big one at that. All those beasts would almost be equal to an A-rank Adventurer and their boss would almost be an equal to an S-rank adventurer. More horrifying it was when they thought if a single person did this.

They were silent for some time. Roland was the first to speak up.

"Uhh... I think this would be accepted as a completed quest I think but we will need to report this to the guild master, is anyone objecting?"

Total silence...

"Well if there are no objections then let's go"

They looked to walk calmly but if you looked closely you could see them trembling.

Zed was very pleased in his heart when he saw those reactions. It was a wonderful feeling.


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