Hate System
27 Chapter 27
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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27 Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Well, THAT was called acting cool. He literally didn't give a shit about him and just beat him 1 hit.

Well, he was courting death, to begin with after all Zed was an S-rank adventurer, it was his fault that led him to put himself against him. If this wasn't courting death then what is?!

Zed was walking to his rented room at the Inn. He was very pleased with the food. That restaurant lived to its name indeed.

If he had some spare time he thought of going there again. Well, now it's time for him to sleep. Many events happened these days and he was exhausted. The path of power wasn't easy.

He saw the Inn it was looking decent like always, he entered the build when the reception saw him she smiled. She was happy because he is safe, she heard that he went on a dangerous quest and was worrying for him. He is young and would be a pity to die at such a young age. Honestly, she was more like a mother.

"Hello customer, thank you for choosing our Inn"

"No need, here 1 silver coins I want to stay longer"

"Yes sir"

He was truly exhausted in these days he killed thieves, killed a dragon, resurrecting the dragon, threw grenades and completed an S-rank quest, Bloody hell if someone heard this they would prefer to die than belief after all not many can do this.

Zed went to his room which was decent with a bed, a desk, a chair, 2 windows, and some little furniture. It was pretty decent for one to live here. He went to sleep immediately. He fell instantly asleep.

The next day he didn't go to the guild because he already has enough money for now. He went outside the city around 500 meters or 1 kilometer he looked around to see if anyone is present, there was none. He called out Avadon.

"Avadon let's go find some bitches to fu*k for exp"


He roared and went flying with Zed to search for some foes.

He flew for around 2-3 hours then saw something that piqued his interest.

In the distance, he saw a giant tree. It was enormous. It was at the size of a castle. All around it was trees. This forest was very big. If one didn't look well he couldn't see the ending. It was hard to even for Zed who was in air right now to see the ending. He approached the big tree and looked down there were some human figures.

"HOLY SHIT could they be Elves?!"


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