Hate System
28 Chapter 28
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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28 Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Zed liked very much elves in his past life, now that he will meet them in real life how could he not be excited?!

Zed was no fool either he wouldn't let them see Avadon if they would see him they may pee their pants. So he didn't go directly at the giant tree he went down to the ground with Avadon approximately 700 meters far from the giant tree.

Most of the elves have blond hair. They have pointy ears. They look similar to humans. They have a good affinity with magic and they are like godsend archers. Zed was a fan of elves in his past life. He liked very much fantasy things.

"Avadon you can go back to my shadow"

Avadon nodded silently and disappeared in his shadow. He then went to the big tree.

Now he was very close to it and there was a gate to enter the tree with elf guards.

"Halt! Who are you and what do you want?"

"Hi, I'm Zed an adventurer and I want to visit the city of elves"

"If you want to enter the city you will need to be an A-rank adventurer at least and pay 10 copper coins, you look pretty young so I doubt you are an A-rank adventurer so walk away"

"No need to be so tensed, here's my adventurer card and here are the ten coppers coins."

The guardian had a startled face when he saw his adventurer rank, he showed the other guardian the card and he was stunned too, they discussed something and then the guard with Zed's card looked at him.

"Are you really sure you will just visit the city and won't do anything to its citizens?"

"You have my word"

"Ok you can enter "

The guardian gave Zed's card back to him and let him enter the city"

When he entered the gate he was transported in some city full of elves wherever you see and rarely some humans and other races like dwarves, lizardmen, beastmen. He was astonished when he saw this.

|Ding... host went in the World Tree named Yggdrasil|

|Yggdrasil: is the only world tree existent, has a boundless life force, currently in Damaged State|

|Do you want to absorb the world tree in your Inner world?|

|Yes| |No|

Zed was flabbergasted when he saw this notification if he didn't press yes now he would regret it for his entire life.

But the next notification made him exasperated.

|Host isn't that strong yet to be able to cultivate this tree, you need to have a True God State cultivation rank|


He was truly enraged now at this shameless system but since he could cultivate it when he was stronger he let it go.


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