Hate System
29 Chapter 29
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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29 Chapter 29

Chapter 29

'Well, for now, let's explore this mysterious city, I'm pretty curious what they got'

Zed walked around the city, the city was large, very large. It would take him some good hours for him to take a loop around it. There were stands with items. He went to one of the stalls to see what they sell and at what prices.

"Check this out, artifacts here, walking or trespassing by, make sure to don't miss it!"

"Good items, cheap prices, don't miss it"

Zed approached the stall where a female with a cattail and cat ears was, evidently, she was from the beastmen race.

"Welcome guest, what type of items do you look for?"

"Do you have items that can raise one mp?"

"Of course. here are rings and pendants each one of these can raise the mp by a certain amount, pick the ones you like"

"May I touch them?"

"Of course"

|Ring of ether: if worn:+20 mp|

'Decent, let's see the rest of them'

|Avalor pendant: If worn:+28 mp|

'Hmm pretty cool'

But a certain item attracted his attention. On the corner of the stall, the desk was an old and rusty ring.

"Guest that thing is just a rusty ring that I found by accident, I don't even know what effects he has, I think I would throw it up after today, after all, no one wants to buy it"

|Ring Of Blood (Damaged): If repaired and worn: + 500 mp|

|Requirements for repair: need to devour blood from 500 corps(all of the blood from the corpse)|


"Cough, cough, how much for this ring?"

"Well if you want that cheap item I will give it to you for 2 silver coins"

"Thank you for your purchase"

Zed just nodded and went away, he barely contained his happiness , he nearly jumped up from the joy.


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