Hate System
31 Chapter 31
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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31 Chapter 31

Chapter 31

It didn't take much time and the dwarf was back with the Association Master. He was a human, He wear elegant and graceful clothes. He has a dignified look on his face, but he looks friendly like a gentleman.

"Good morning sir, I am the Trade Association master in this city, My name is Adam Reynolds, I heard about your invention, truth to be told I was stunned when I heard about this and I'm sure this will sell well in this city, NO FU*K THAT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! WE WILL MAKE SO MUCH MONEY HAHAHA!"

"cough, cough"

Zed was first pleased to see that Adam Reynolds was a gentleman who knew how to talk good to others but when he heard the latter part he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Ohh, I mean that this product will be a successful product and will sell well, please ignore what I previously said"

"So you want 50% for each sell?"

"Yes, no more no less, get it or leave"

"Of course we will accept"

How couldn't Zed know what he is thinking right now 'Better keep our relations close, maybe he has more ideas, more ideas mean more money just a fool would miss this'

But even so, Zed didn't mind after all this was a win-win situation. Both parties will win something.

Zed selected the pump because in his previous life he saw in animes that many characters would use this item to get rich, how could he be dumb enough to not use this? If he would miss this he would regret it for his entire life.

"If you accept then I'll take my leave first"

"Wait where should we deliver your part of the money?"

"Hmm deliver at Red Leaf City, there is an Inn named Soft Bed Inn, put the money in my room, my name is Zed you can ask the Inn reception where my room is"


"Goodbye dear guest"

In Zed's mind, one worry disappeared that worry was named MONEY. When his money would come he would be a FU*KING TYCOON.


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