Hate System
33 Chapter 33
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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33 Chapter 33

Chapter 33


Thinking about those thieves that were trying to rob him they were just courting death in front of him.' Rob yours truly? Rob your MOTH*R!'

"Now let's see if this retard fella can be mine now"

|Do you want to revive this retard here which has the power of an S-rank?|


|Yes| |No|

"Hey S-rank Bitch if you won't be mine I swear that I'm gonna kill al thieves I see"


|Ressurection successful|

|Do you want to name him?|

|Yes| |No|

"Hmm, sure his name will be Lord Grim!"

The shadowy figure looked very similar to that of a lord, he had an aura of a lord, on his face is a look of arrogance looking down on the masses like some royalty. He had a cool black armor with some fiery red eyes. If one were to see him he will kowtow to him begging for his life while others with weaker hearts will die of shock.

"Ahh, so useless you can be, you don't even have a skill"

"But no worries, your daddy's here and will give you a skill!"

Zed searched the system store to see if he could afford a skill with 7 points, it doesn't matter the skill. An he, fortunately, saw one...

|Voice of commander|

|Cost: 5 Hate Points|

|Voice of commander (passive): the user of this skill can command other troops with easy, INT stat increase temporary with 100 points when in battles|

"HOLY SHIT this skill is literally made for you my friend!"

"Not only that, it's very cheap"

|Do you want "Lord Grim" to learn this skill?|

|Yes| |No|

"Of course I want! only a retarded fella would let this chance pass by!"

Lord grim was very pleased and happy when he got this skill, this skill was like a heaven gift for him. It was suiting him well.

Zed got what he wants now he's walking to the city exit. He went through the portal and he met the city guards.

"Hi guys, how have you been?"

When the guards saw who greeted them they gulped a little. After all, he was an S-rank, in this city S-rankers was rare, under 15 S-rankers.

"We are good, thank you for asking sir!"

Zed saw that they were scared of him and he could only lets out a sigh and went away.

"Hais... being strong sometimes has its downsides as well."

If he isn't wrong this forest was named Elf Forest. And somewhere not too far away was The forest of beasts.

The forest of beasts was a very perilous place. The weakest monsters there are B-rank monsters, while the strongest is an SS-rank, which was the Forest King. Zed had an interesting idea he wanted to test. But right now he wanted to repair that ring, with that ring his MP will skyrocket, he checked the system to see how many Hate Points does it need to repair , it was a HOLY FU*KING 250 Hate Points!"

But given the current circumstances, he went with Avadon to The forest of beasts to farm these mobs into experience points and hate points.


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