Hate System
34 Chapter 34
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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34 Chapter 34

Chapter 34

"Hmmm, so this is the forest of the beasts... whatever this is our new "farming" ground for the time being pussies"

"We are going to exterminate these shits, after some time this forest will be my minions' hunting ground!"

|Does the host intend to kill all the monsters present in this forest and occupy this place?|

|Yes| |No|

"I fu*king hate beasts and yes I want to!"

Every time Zed thinks about Beasts he is filled with rage because he remembers his past life tragic history, BUT NO THIS WON'T REPEAT TWICE!

|Thank you host for your response!|

Zed didn't know why the system asked him that question but now he was flabbergasted.

|Initiasiling Hate Zone Function: Host will be able to get Hate Points from his minions if they kill something, but no exp+all the monsters present in this entire forest have inexplicable hate for you like you are their ark enemy|

|Good Luck|

Zed was startled but it didn't take much and he could hear noises in the distance. There was a group of monsters. Zed grabbed a grenade and launched it at them1


Zed was truly incensed right now, everything went well until this system made all the monsters hate him, it wouldn't be too much of an issue but this included an SS-rank beast.

"Lord Grim, Furr balls, I mean kobolds get out!"

"Here's my present for you Lord Grim, an army for you, it's your first army so take good care of it!"

When Lord Grim heard this he leaped with joy, after all this was his first army, if everything went well he will get from his master more soldiers who know!

"Be sure to spree kill all those beast shits! NO MERCY!"

Lord Grim nodded and looked at him like he wanted to say "Yes sir!"

"Avadon come out!"

A gigantic dragon appeared from his shadow awaiting his orders.

"Burn the entire forest I want to hear those beasts shriek in pain and despair"

Avadon just nodded and directly went flying and give fire to the entire forest he was just like a gigantic flying fire thrower, it was a horrifying sight to see.

"So only the three of us remain to kill that shit of an SS-rank, old comrades"


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