Hate System
41 Chapter 41
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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41 Chapter 41

Day after day these poor shadows worked on his castle tirelessly. Even Zed was starting to feel pity for them. Even though they were almost emotionless, they had sentiments and emotions of their own. Even though they are basically killing machines they are the minions that would never betray him no matter what! So, of course, he needs to treat them well.

But when he came back from exploring the city he saw his castle done. It was even more beautiful and mighty looking than the previous one that the Royal Family.

"Since its done, I should give it a proper name"

"Gather all the people in the town!"

Zed ordered his minions to gather them simply because he didn't want to get bothered to do it.

People looked at his castle with admiration. And adventurers looked at the might it exhaled it was like it was a godsent castle. It was colored in black and red. It was evil-cool like a castle of the evil lord.

"People of Glory City and the country hear me out!"

They stared at him waiting with anticipation, waiting for something incredible to happen.

"From now on this Castle is named Hate Castle and will be the core of this country!"

"Hate Castle" that is a weird and domineering name, they looked with admiration at the castle and then at him.

And at this important moment, the system made a notification.

|Ding Dong, the host made his first castle|

|Activating World Domination Function!|

|Rewards: 1 World Domination Starting Kit|


'Well the fuck I care if I can use them, the much you have the best it would be for me anyway'

'Not let's see what do we have here'

|Opening World Domination Starting Kit|

|1000 Shadow Soldiers, 500 Shadow Archers, 200 Horse Rider Shadows, 100 Shadow Healers and 10 Dragons|

|Warning: They'ill need mana to revive when they die|


Zed was truly flabbergasted when he heard this. He got so many troops and didn't need mana to sustain them only when one of them died. This was so fucking op. The shadow troops are low level right now so one of them has only the power of a B-rank adventurer which is already pretty good. Except for the dragons they were A-rankers.

The masses were startled when they saw these soldiers. They even thought that other countries started attacking them, but when they saw that they greeted That Man they sighed of relief.

Now they had an even more admiration toward Zed.

"I'm Zed the New King of this Country and City!"

"Long Life to the New King!"

All of the citizens said it in unison after all they knew that if they didn't please him they would end up the same as his father. Zed's strength was boundless in front of these people.

With so many people cheering for him he felt very proud of himself.


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