Hate System
42 Chapter 42
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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42 Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Zed even made a feast for these citizens, after all, he was The City Lord and The Country King.

Everyone was eating and socializing, they thought that Zed was like a devil to his enemies and like an angel to his friends. They started making a good impression out of him. If they don't make something against him and help him out, who knows maybe they can gain something, it was a win-win situation so no one has anything to lose only to win.

But... somewhere in the city, some thieves found new prey.

"kukuku , boss this new prey look pretty rich who knows how much money he has"

"Yes yes after we are done here I'll treat you for your hard work"

The thief's boss was staring at his new prey with an expression ready to devour him.

"NNO NNOO please don't kill me!"

At this moment the thief boss hit him with his punch on his head.


"I swear on my name, Dao Lin, that I will get my revenge on you"

Dao lin looked like a scholar, had some cheap glasses. He must be from a poor family that barely makes his living.

After that, he was beaten senselessly by the thieves.

Zed was just patrolling around the city, after a few days of exploring he knew the structure of the city pretty good. And he just heard some beating noise, this piqued his interest and went to see what it was.

He was left speechless seeing this familiar scene. He was sensing an unfathomable rage welling up inside him. He was very pleased seeing his determination to live.

"Do you want to be my personal secretary? If yes then I'll save you, make your decision"

Zed already made his mind, that Dao Lin would be his secretary even if he wants it or not.

Dao Lin thought he was a hallucination because of how severely wounded he is. But right now he didn't have anything to lose.


After that single word, the thieves that beat him stopped and standing still as time stopped. Before their heads fell down.


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