Hate System
44 Chapter 44
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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44 Chapter 44

Chapter 44

"Avadon come out!"

A super duper cool dragon appeared before them. Dao Lin's mouth was agape, he didn't know if he could get surprised more than this but looking at Zed he knew, he was at this moment when he knew he fuckt up.

Well, he already completed the slave-master contract so his life was practically in his hands.

They were on the dragon back that was flying in the direction of his castle, by the current speed they will arrive at the castle in 10 minutes approximately.

"Master, may I know why we go in the direction of the king's castle?"

"Hahaha it's simple it's because I'm the owner of it"

Dao Lin looked at him with incredulity and was truly perplexed right now.

'If he's the King of this town and country and I'm his secretary does that mean that I'm only second to him in this country?'

Dao Lin felt that he made that his situation was getting better and better. He could have a salary to sustain his family so money was no issue from now on, he could be close to his family, and with money evidently he could get some beauties, and he was second in power so he had money, power, and women what else could he crave for?

"Welcome to your new home dear Secretary"

Dao Lin was looking at the castle and a single word was in his mind right now 'DOMINEERING'.This castle was so domineering it was like a Demon Lord castle. It was cool.

Zed introduced him to a random room in the castle it was a medium size. It was a perfect space for a single person, It had a soft bed, 5 windows, 2 desk, 4 chairs, and 2 sofas. This was downright luxurious. Dao Lin even though he was in a dreamland.

'Ahh, the art of bullshiting is so satisfying!'

Zed was very pleased by his reaction. After all, it was all due his minions that build it.


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