Hate System
45 Chapter 45
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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45 Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Zed left Lord Grim and the troops at his castle and went to Red Leaf City for a visit, he was getting quite nostalgic about it he wasn't there for quite a time and wanted to go back to see how things were there right now and evidently the most important to brag in front of the baldy.

Zed even imagined his face when he heard from the people about him being the new king.

"Avadon what are you waiting for let's go"

And about organizing the army and castle to hell with that now he has a secretary. Poor him but lucky me.

Red Leaf City was looking like always just that it was more aglomerated. When the guards of the city saw him they paled a little and instantly kneeled.

"Welcome to our city king"

"Hahaha no need for such formalities I'm just visiting"

It was silence he sighed and just went into the city.

After he went into the city the first guard speaks up.

"No formalities my shit If we didn't do that we would be killed instantly by you m everyone knows what you did in Glory City"

But after he completed his sentence he had a blank expression and his head fell to the ground.

And a voice sounded over to the second guardian

"I heard that"


The second guard was scared shitless he even pissed his pants.

'HAHAHA, it's so funny I can't stop laughing!'

Being killed for insulting a king was fair. After all, not everyone can speak with him not to mention insulting.

And here he was in front of the big door of the guild.

'Ahh such nostalgia when I first entered here and created a ruckus hahaha such good memories'


The door opened. The adventurers who were enjoying themselves to their hearts were looking at the door opening wondering who is the one opening it. But when they saw who it was the veteran adventurers had pale faces and some of them pissed their pants. While the newbies were wondering who it was.

In the veteran adventurers' mind, there was a single thought 'Ahhh shit, here we go again!'


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