Hate System
46 Chapter 46
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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46 Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Zed smiled from ear to ear and said in a happy tone.

"Did you all miss me?"

And all the adventurers roared in unison.


"Ohh don't be so hard with me, after all, I'm just a fellow adventurer.

The heck, he just called himself a fellow adventurer, he went directly to S-rank and now he is SS-rank in some weeks or a month or two and he is fucking calling himself fellow adventurer, how the heck is he so shameless.

All adventurers were looking at him wondering what will he do this time, again!

"Oh well I'm just here to visit so you can all relax"

All the adventurers sighed. Except for the newbies, a little newbie went at him directly in front of him.

"Who do you think you are to disrespect the elder adventurers?"

"The king of this country and the City Lord of Glory City, an SS-rank..."

The little newbie looked at him with incredulity in his eyes when he finished the sentence he fell to the ground. Right now he was kowtowing

"Please spare me o great lord!"


Zed was laughing after all everyone knows how good is to brag. It's a very good sentiment.

"Hahaha you can go now"

He sighed and went in the crowd of adventurers.

Zed went to the office of the Guild Master. He saw the familiar door and with a smile, he prepared his leg and


the door opened!


"Hi baldy, did you miss me?"

"Oh shit this nickname, Zed is that fucker you?"

"Yep baldy , It's me the most handsome and elegant man in the world Zed"

Zed was thinking even now how good it felt to kick the door open again, it was just too good.

"How are you now?"

"Ahh, this time not too well, the kingdom of Alecsandria made an official speech and said that he will conquer this city at all cost, they knew that this city is close to the city in the Yggdrasil tree and wants to have a terrain around it. They said if we don't give it to them they will wage war against us"

"Ahh so good news, why are you all so sad, after all I'm the new king"


"Yep that's true, it's just recently though"

"How the heck did you do it?"

"Blow them up!"

"Ahh, why do I even ask? I think you are able to do anything , not to mention killing some royal families and get the throne"

The guild master was already used with Zed's miracles.

"But even so are you sure you can kill them?"

A chilling smile appeared on Zed's face.

'Bunch of living exp' That was what he was thinking.

Seeing that smile The Guild Master already understood and just sighed and relaxed.

"Well another miracle of Zed's brand is going to happen"


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