Hate System
47 Chapter 47
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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47 Chapter 47

Chapter 47

"So, where are they right now, how many troops do they have and how powerful are they?"

"They didn't come with much force but it's still a force not to be reckoned with, they are 2000 in numbers the majority of them are D-rank while the captains are S-ranks, there are a total of 10 captains and the Leader is an SS-rank"

"Hahaha just shitheads waiting for death"

"Wait till I come back with the good news"


He didn't even complete his sentence and he disappeared.

"Sigh... this lad is simply just... A FUCKING MONSTER!"

"Well another of his miracles is going to happen"

The guild master relation with Zed was pretty friendly, Zed impression was that he is a pretty nice guy.BUT don't even think about trusting someone ever again! After all, it will end in betrayal every time.

Zed was on Avadon's back right now flying happily. He flew for hours and hours and made it back to his castle. He saw that Dao Lin was already used to his new home and his family was happy. He was doing his job properly working in an office on some papers.

'Such a hardworking man, when I come back from the war I need to reward him with something'

Zed retracted all of his troops into his shadow. He has now over 1800 troops right now he could be considered a one-man army.

He purchased with 1000 Hate Points a flying technique from the system shop. It was the same speed Avadon was flying. The price was decent so he bought it. After all, it was quite indecent to fly with Avadon all the time. He pitied him a little.

"Such a wonderful feeling to be able to fly! I'm feeling completely free"

"Now let's kill some shitheads!"


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