Hate System
48 Chapter 48
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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48 Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Zed headed around Yggdrassil City. And there they were 2000 bunch of living XP.Zed could already imagine the sound they will make. Just ding, ding, ding! Endless sounds of notifications from the system. Ahh, this feeling was godly. It was like playing CS: GO and you are a sniper and you need a single click to kill someone ahead, It was simply a godly feeling.

Zed went in front of them. Their leader saw them and went to him personally.

"My name is Latmos, and I am the representative of my country Alecsandria, chosen by the emperor himself"

Latmos was now very arrogant right now. He had a face like he was a Messiah. Zed truly hated these kinds of people, no one can brag and bullshit except Zed!

"So who are you?"

"Yes, I'm the emperor of this country as well the representative"

"Hahaha, good joke"

He saw that this kid was only in his teens and was proclaiming himself the emperor it was a good joke, if he would proclaim himself as the representative he would trust him a little but Emperor?! That was too fishy.

But at this moment a soldier came behind Latmos.

"Sir, he isn't tricking you he really is the emperor!"

"How do you know that, did he trick you too?"

"No sir, before we came here we asked around new information about this country and we discovered that recently someone occupied the throne, it was recently so we don't have many pieces of information about this except that he was in his teens, has black hair and was very arrogant"

Latmos eyes widened when he heard this but after a split of a second, he made a grin.

"Hahaha so what if you are the emperor, you are a single person while we are an entire army, we are 2000 in numbers to think that the emperor would send himself here, who the heck cares about a city like this if we kill the emperor we can even get this entire country!"

This was the perfect moment for some bullshiting!

And with this, another big evil smile appeared on Zed's face.

"Ohh, who said I'm single?'

"Little Kill Machines come out to meet some friends who want to play with you~"

The faces of the soldiers turned from smiling and grinning to horrified and stern. Latmos was feeling a chill going down his spine. He feels like if he doesn't run now he won't escape here, not even death!

At this moment a young soldier from the enemy camp roared out loud.



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