Hate System
49 Chapter 49
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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49 Chapter 49

"Ahh it's a beautiful day outside, let's make a poem"

"~The sun is big, my dragons too"

"The sky is high, the rate of death is too"

"Screams and shrieks all day"

"Hate And Death fills the ears"

"On days like these soldiers like these are easy to be killed"

"Ding dong to the ears is all I wanna hear~"




"Ah I love so much these sounds"

"Picnic time!"

Zed got from his inventory a blanket and sat on it, and put some food on it, he sat there with Lord Grim and Jack, they played cards. Jack and Lord Grim have high IQ so Zed taught them to play in his spare time. After one hour or two, they were experts, gosh their learning speed was frightening.

When Latmos saw that they were playing cards he spats out a mouthful of blood.

WHAT THE FUCK! We are battling here for our lives and they are doing a picnic and playing cards, what situation is this?!

He was filled with rage and despair. But also helplessness, after all, what could he do. When he saw Avadon killing his soldiers his courage dissipated and his idea of getting revenge also disappeared.

Zed lost 4 matches consecutively. He is pretty enraged right now, he got up.

"Hey you, shut the fuck up! Don't you see I'm playing?!"

All he could hear was screams of despair and agony of the soldiers and he used that excuse because he lost.

The shadow soldiers killed them, the Shadow dragons incinerated them, they were like flying flamethrowers. If a Shadow soldier or other troop got hurt the Shadow healers healed them.

To put it simply it was a One-Sided war.

Pity them, but it was their fault for provoking Zed.


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