Hate System
50 Chapter 50
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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50 Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Countless Ding and Dong sound resounded.

Zed was feeling good and his rage from the card game dissipated.

"Quite a scenery If I said so myself"

"Now that I think about it, systems in RPG games had a job function, where's mine?"

|Job function unlocked|

|congratulations host|

|Job attained Poem Master|

|Job attained King|

|Job attained Bragger|

|Job attained leader|

|Job attained merciless are |

|Job attained Knife fighter|

"Holy Shit! new cheats!!!"

"Why it's so silent now?"

"Ahh, they already killed all the soldiers, good job!"

"Now that we are done killing these bitches let's go to Red Leaf City to brag about this, hahaha!"

Only half an hour and the war was done, they put some resistance but they were all massacred nevertheless. Some of them thought they were dreaming of seeing this scenery who wouldn't falter seeing this one-sided massacre.

It was utterly horrifying. Now wherever you look are corpses, the faces of the victims looked like they saw the end of the world.

"Oopsie Dopsie how could I forget about this"

|Do you want to resurrect this SS-rank human?|

|cost:100 Hate|

|Ressurection failed|

"Fuck You!!! be mine Or fuck off"

|Ressurection succes|

"Ok from now on you will be named Jeff!"

Jeff kneeled, agreeing to his name.

"wow I got quite a bit of SS-rank bitches around here"

"Ok no need to prolonge this and let's back to the city, after I brag I want to see if some of my business succeeded"


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