Hate System
51 Chapter 51
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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51 Chapter 51

Chapter 51

Zed retracted his army in his shadow. It was a horrifying event but at least it ended relatively quickly.

Latmos put up some fight while he fought against 4 dragons, but He met Avadon and ended charred coal, and now he is Jeff.

And how could Zed forgot about the gift of welcoming?

|Psychotic killer memories|

|Psychotic killer memories: these are the memories of one of the greatest psychotic killers. This contains all the memories of him fighting, practically a style of fighting for killer especially for psychotic killers, madmen|

|Price 100 Hate Points|

|Do you want Jeff to learn this skill?|

|Learning success!|

Jeff was feeling revigorated and he felt that something went into his head, yes these were the memories of one of the greatest killers. When he tried to slash something he felt that he did this millions and billions of times it was familial like he was born to do this.

Jeff was pretty satisfied with his new little gift so he kneeled again in front of Zed and went silently in his Shadow.

Avadon was feeling very happy right now, he escaped the destiny of being a mount to ride.

Lord Grim and Jack were still playing their cards. Yes, you didn't read wrong they really playing card in his shadow right now. It seems that Jack is having an upper hand over Lord Grim.. wait wait! this is not important let's hurry and go to the city.

Flying there Zed could fell the wind and brize it was refreshing he was feeling like an immortal.


|Name: Zed|

|XP: 0/450.000|

|Cultivation Level: Formation Stage|

|Techniques: ShadowSteps(lv.3)

Danger Critical Strike(lv.1)

Deathly Slash(lv.1)

|Age: 18|


|Race: human|

|Str: 100

Spe: 72

Def: 101 (+200 from Azure Dragon Chestplate)

Hp: 20

Int: 36

Dex: 20

Sta: 35

Luc: 7 (max is 50)

Mp: 564|

|Weapon: Knife|

|Amor: Azure Dragon Chestplate|

|Number Of Minions: 1844|

|Stats Points:207|

|Hate Points:38.500|

"YEP, I'm still fucking overpowered!"

He was around 20 kilometers from Red Leaf City



The sky suddenly cracked. Zed had an ominous feeling about this. He can even hear the villagers of Red Leaf City roaring, some fools even roared the end of the world has come. But Zed gaze was fixed at the black hole. Countless figures were coming from that hole. This event wasn't limited to This country alone but the entire continent.

The figures appeared to be humans but they could fly and some even had sparks and other particles and ISN'T that a PHOENIX? One of them had even a phoenix.

"Holy fuck aren't these cultivators?!"

"How the heck are they so many, they supposed to be scarce in this world even though they are powerful.

Zed went to one of the figures. He had brown hair, black eyes and was musculus. He looked in his early twenty. The cultivator looked at him similarly trying to analyze one another.

|Power Level function unlocked|

|Power Level function unlocked: Host can see others power level and name|

|Zhao Mantian: Power Level: True God state|


And that wasn't all he looked around and saw that the majority were True God State while others were even higher.

True God State, Golden Immortal, and the figure who seems to be the leader was an Earth Celestial.

The leader seems to have noticed him and went in front of him. He seized him up carefully and after a moment he said...


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