Hate System
54 Chapter 54
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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54 Chapter 54

Chapter 54


|Name: Zed|

|XP: 5000/870.000| (I won't double the exp every time he levels up, too annoying, I will decide the number of exp needed)

|Cultivation Level: Fairy Stage|

|Techniques: ShadowSteps(lv.3)

Danger Critical Strike(lv.1)

Deathly Slash(lv.1)

Kill Chains (lv.1)

|Age: 18|

|Level:68| (leveled up from killing the cultivators)

|Race: human|

|Str: 307

Spe: 72

Def: 101 (+200 from Azure Dragon Chestplate)

Hp: 20

Int: 36

Dex: 20

Sta: 35

Luc: 7 (max is 50)

Mp: 564|

|Weapon: Knife|

|Gadgets: Ring Of Blood|

|Amor: Azure Dragon Chestplate|

|Number Of Minions: 1845|

|Stats Points:152| (the points from leveling up after killing the cultivators)

|Hate Points:50.500|

"Hmm, where are my jobs?"

|In the jobs section|

"Oh they have a different place, well I'm too lazy to check them"

Some minutes passed and his minions came back at him, from the way they walked at him he could already guess how their enemies ended up. BUT NO MERCY TO ENEMIES!

"Well I did my part, the kingdom is safe for now so let's keep calm"

He retracted his minions in his shadow and went to the city.

He could hear all the civilians speaking about the phenomena that occurred but since the phenomena already ended they thought it was a rare natural phenomenon. So they relaxed.

Zed even now had some hatred inside him and was a little angry, he walked on the road.

"Ahh look at that man he seems like a psychopath, maybe he needs to consult a therapy mage"

A therapy mage is a special type of a mage, it's like an occupation, they use their magic to search in the souls of their patients and make them relaxed and peaceful. Something like claimants but no secondary effects.

It was cheap so many went there when they had an angry, disoriented and wanting to get revenge mood.

Hearing this Zed was angrier but he considered it and after some time to think about it, he decided to try it out, after all, he wouldn't lose anything maybe he could even get some inner peace.


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