Hate System
55 Chapter 55 Extra long chapter + Discord server and Youtube name
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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55 Chapter 55 Extra long chapter + Discord server and Youtube name

Chapter 55 Extra-long chapter + Discord server and Youtube name

On a 3 story building, a big sign can be seen "Consultation Department".

From what Zed heard the price for a consultation is 1 gold per person, for an ordinary man this was expensive but for a man like Zed this was like paying with stones.

He entered the building and looked around, there were around 20 people there, the majority of them were nobles, the rest were some A-rank adventurers and some rich families adolescents.

When he entered, he attracted some but when the nobles saw what he was wearing they put a face of disgust. They thought he was a mere commoner.

"How could a poor commoner like you enter in such a luxurious place, guards sent him out!"

"Ahh, commoners I'm feeling like throwing up"

"Ugh, look at those clothes I prefer to die than wear them"

They could only hear criticism from the nobles and the rich families kids, only the adventurers remained there with a pale face. Probably they can sense a fraction of his power.

A rich family kid who looked like a scholar interrupted them.

"Stupid fucks, stop talking that way to him, do you want to die?"

"He is the king of our country! and he is merciless and a tyrant"

"He even got the title "King Of Hatred" from the civilians and many others"

"He is infamous because he is merciless, even his father was tortured by him to death"

"Ohh, great king please spare this insignificant life!"

"You are too great for us to recognize, please spare us!"

If this little scholar didn't interrupt those nobles, Zed would just use a swing and kill them. But he came here for finding inner peace and this scholar made Zed satisfied so he turned a blind eye for them.

"Next person, please!"

"Majesty please, you can enter first no one will stop you!"


Zed entered the room and saw a big magic circle with many wizards in white robes, even the room was pure white. The magic circle was red in color, emitting white light.

Zed paid the mage 1 gold coin.

"Sir, once you step inside that circle we will search in your memories and we will feel what emotions you had, once we can fell them we will try to pacify them, no mishap could happen, we are 12 mages here sharing the emotions of a single person, even the most unstable person could only make 3 persons go crazy and are the single in history, most people can't make 1 person go crazy so rest assured, there will be no pain"

"Hmm, quite reliable, if you succeed to pacify me then I won't mind paying 1 more gold coin"

"Of course, sir"

When the people in robes heard this they felt overjoyed about this. This day was a lucky day for them. But little did they know that they were going to write history, and not in a good way for them.

Zed stepped inside the circle.


The circle emanated white sparks of white and the 12 people in robes started chanting a spell.

Zed felt that something searched through him and went in the direction of where his hate was.

The power tried to absorb the hate he had stocked in him.


One of the 12 made an explosion sound and was babbling there like a crazy person.

'This guy has quite strong emotions, to think that someone will go crazy, this hasn't happened in the last dozens of years'

They felt a little surprised but they continued.

Zed was getting more angrier by the time.





7 people in robes went crazy. Zed had indescribable hate in him. He remembered how his previous life ended and he felt that giant emotion of hate.


The last 4 mages went instantly crazy unable to pacify his emotions.

This was a holy fucking 4 persons instantly.

Even the person with the most negative emotions made 3 people go crazy but he made 12 and 4 instantly. A new record.


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