Hate System
56 Chapter 56
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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56 Chapter 56

"Ahh, I feel relaxed, those guys really did the job properly, I would pay them on plus but from what I can see they already are crazy and they don't need it anymore"

"But even so I made 12 people go crazy, rest in peace guys"

The 12 mages were just running wildly laughing in the room.

From outside the other people who were waiting for him to exit heard them and some questions were growing in their head.

'Did they go crazy?'

'Did he paid them in plus and now they were very happy?'

'What are they doing there?'



The door opened, Zed was coming with a satisfied expression on his face.

"So the operation was a success and they were just laughing because of happiness"

The others thought this was the only logical and they agreed to them.

"Bye rich bitches!"

Zed was too relaxed and had a good mood and didn't want it to end because of these shits.

The nobles and others looked inside and saw something they shouldn't see, simply they didn't know what they were looking at.

They were complexed. Their jaws fell to the ground.


"Even the most negativist man only made 3 people go crazy!"

"And this guy just made 12, how crazy is that?!"

"This is gonna be big news"

They made this known to the whole city, this rumor has circulated in the entire city in less than 2 hours.

Zed was flying around the world exploring places he hadn't went before, then a wild idea went into his head.'Let's make the Dwarves to craft guns for me! If I do that I will conquer this entire world easily, even though I can buy them from the system I don't want to give it my hard-earned Hate Points. And even If I'm powerful it will take some time to conquer this big world not because others are powerful, only because the world is vast and will take some time to move from one place to another so it's better to use my soldiers'

Poor Dwarves, I can already see their fate from how Zed's smiling.When Zed has that smile even slaves will be grateful to their fate for having a high rank not like those Dwarves.


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