Hate System
57 Chapter 57
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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57 Chapter 57

Chapter 57

"HAHAHA, now that I'm feeling better let's go fuck up some dwarves it's time to make freaking pistols now"

"Ahh, well it will take some time to arrive ..."

"Hmm, Lala la la la I can walk on water I can fly, Lalala"

"I won't give up till I die~"

Zed was very bored right now he started to sing a little because of it BAAANG

A noise was heard from the forest beneath him, out of boredom he went to explore it.

"Damnit! Even after our mage learned fire explosion magic he can only do so much damage!"

"Yeah Yeah he is useless why do we keep him anymore"

"no, please don't abandon me I'll work harder"

Two men were scolding a little kid.

The kid had white hair, blue eyes, and a scar on his face.

"Haahah with that scar on his face he remembers me of Harry Potter even though he doesn't have white hair"

'From what I saw I think that he is a random kid that these men use to do diverse works, poor kid, well it's not my life so I will leave'


"I can see now why your parents abandoned you in a trash can when you were born, you are useless"

"I even heard that when he threw you in a trash can they said that you were made by mistake hahaha"

The kid was just staying there no moving and he doesn't say anything, he doesn't want to be abandoned by them or he would just starve to death.

"Haahah useless"





The strength of those men was too little to even look at them so Zed ignored the dings.

Zed sliced the men heads and he had a fiery look on his face, slice slice slice, and slice again he kept slicing them until they could be mistaken with scraps.

The little kid is very scared right now he is staring at the man in front of him like he saw a ghost, he had a little satisfied expression a moment ago when he saw that those men were killed but now that he stared at him he was scared that he would meet the same fate like them,

"no...NO please don't kill me"

He is trembling from head to toe and even tears started flowing on his horrified face.

'Hah, I acted on impulse when I heard what they said, but now what I'm gonna do with this kiddo here?'


Zed inspected him but he has nothing good so he won't make him his soldier, servant or something, but he killed his only way to live so he couldn't just go.

'Ahh troublesome but oh well, system give him a skill that can be upgraded indefinitely please'

|Infinity Immortal Swords: the user can train this technique indefinitely, this skill creates damage, protection, healing, buff or debuffs layers around the sword of the user, the number of layers will be corespondent to the level this skill has been trained|

|Price: 5000 Hate Points|

'So I will end up giving a cheat-like skill to a random 10 years old kid'

'Ohh well now that I killed his only chance to live I guess it's okay'

"Kid this is your lucky day, although I killed your only chance to live I gave you a cheat skill so use it well, Remember, my name is Zed!"

The kid sensed pieces of information entering his brain, it was peculiar like he knew this from the moment he was born it was clear.

The kid has a burning fire in his eyes. He will treasure this skill forever.


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