Hate System
58 Chapter 58
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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58 Chapter 58

@@Chapter 58

"Well, that got most of my boredom out!"

Zed flew for another 4 hours straight.

He arrived at the border of the dwarves. He could already see a mini wall there and it was quite advanced too, comparing to the borders os our country these are more solid and have some metals in them, quite good.

Zed flew fast and the dwarves that were patrolling there couldn't see what was that fast-moving thing so they ignored it, they thought that it was a big bird or something, and from what Zed saw they were drinking some wine and they were half drunk.

"Hmm they really like alcohol, like in mangas"

Zed saw many cities and many... bars selling alcohol. They were using some long sword and with a metal chest plate to battle. They were short, roughly 1.5 meters, they were musculus, they had big beards and were the race who had the finest crafting skills.

Zed went somewhere where nobody can see him landing and he went to explore this city.

He saw that many of these dwarves were drunk and were eating a lot. But there was a big building that attracted his attention.

Yes, this was what he wanted to find.

The lord of this country castle!

'Hahaha, it's time to conquer our first country bitches, get ready!'

|Detecting that host is preparing for conquering his first country!|

|+Boosting the morale of the troops by 150%|



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