Hate System
59 Chapter 59 Big Chapter
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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59 Chapter 59 Big Chapter

Chapter 59 Big Chapter

Zed didn't directly use his fist to destroy the castle instantly after all it would be a pity to destroy something that will become his. He won't in front of the gate that was guarded by two S-rank guards. Yep, they were dwarves.

"Sorry sir but no one can enter here withou..."

"Sorry sir but no one can enter here withou..."

The didn't even finish their sentences and he already instakilled them. Even though he didn't want to destroy much he didn't want to waste his time with trivial matters so there will be some blood.


The 5 meters iron door was instantly broken with a hit from Zed's leg.

This alarmed the entire castle.

The king of dwarves appeared before him in less than 2 minutes with his best soldiers guarding him.

Zed only waited there 2 minutes only because he was too bored to search for him, so why searching for him when you can just make him come to you?

"BASTARD! Don't you know that our country is protected by the hero himself?"

The hero is a very special existence, he was summoned from his planet to kill the demon lord. And he will protect some of the races (Elves race, the high humans race, the dwarves race, the beastman race) while they were neutral to others race. The high humans' race is almost like the human race only that they are stronger, a little higher and they had pure blood of humans, while humans were sometimes not 100% human race they might have other races blood in them even though now they didn't have many that did have other races blood.

Zed once thought to meet the hero but he was to low level to think about it, what if the hero decides to kill him because he acknowledges him as a danger to him?

But now hahaha that didn't matter anymore after all even though he is a little weaker than the Hero he still has many troops and he has many Hate Points now to buy things. The Hero is ranked as a top tier SSS-rank adventurer with many skills and high intelligence. So Zed didn't want to battle with him because he didn't want to have losses. Even if he would win the battle he would still have some losses and if he wanted to repair those losses fast he would need to spend Hate Points. And here comes our Blackhearted system who would use this chance to get how many Hate Points it can get from me.

Zed didn't want to talk too much so he just said some words that made the dwarves get serious.

"Come out little boys and teach these shits a lesson"


Avadon was the first to appear and immediately the others dragons were all high in the sky.

The dwarves thought they were in a nightmare. Was he disguised as a pig to eat the tiger?

"And 1 , 1, 2, 3!"


At Zed command, the dragons started using their fires to kill the Dwarves.




Hate and despair in the air, comparing the demon lord to Zed, the demon lord would be a gentleman compared to Zed.




While some SS-ranks resisted the flames Jack was happily killing them.

Lord Grim was using his troops to kill the soldiers that ran while Red Smile was killing them only by sending a punch projection to the soldiers that were guarding the king.

"Insolent! The Hero will take vengeance for us don't forget that!"

"Shut The Fuck Up Already!"


|Ding Killed the Emperor of a country and dominating it|

|Rewards: 50.000 Hate Points and 500.000 EXP|

The dwarves could already hear the shrieks and roars of the dragons from outside, they wanted to go in to see what happened but right at this moment, a young human male exited the castle.

"Hmm what is a human doing at the castle"

"I don't know maybe he is a good merchant or something"

"Yeah that makes sense"


"From today onwards I'm your new Emperor!"

Zed shows them their emperor's head to see that he isn't joking.

"If one doesn't want it then step out!"

"I will gladly take care of him"

"Sir, I don't want a human to be the emperor of the Dwarves otherwise we will be the laughingstock of other races"



"Is there anyone who doesn't want me to be the new emperor?"

Zed said it with a smile on his face and an innocent face like he didn't kill the dwarf.

The poor dwarf didn't even have the chance to retaliate and he was killed coldly by Zed.


"Ok then if no one is objecting it then I AM now the new emperor"


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