Hate System
62 Chapter 62
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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62 Chapter 62

Chapter 62


"How the hell did you get this dragon?"

Hearing this Zed was feeling a little amused by her reaction.

"Why do you make such noise from only one dragon, dragons aren't very rare in this world so why are you making such noise?"

"Because comparing to this Fucking Dragon the other dragons are like lizards with wings that can make a little fire and are comparing to your dragon which is like A Demonic God Dragon who lived for countless years!"

"Hahaha, you heard her Avadon"


Avadon made some noises like he was being amused and laughing.

Sylph blushed a little.

"Humph, I won't be surprised anymore, after all, I am a Goddess and I've seen many things, maybe you made me surprised with this dragon but that's your limit, mortal ... I mean master"

Sylph was a little arrogant even now but when she recalled what happened last time she was like that she immediately changed her tone.

"Alright, alright get on Avadon we will go to my home "

'Home more like a dark cave it wouldn't surprise me if it were a cave from how barbaric you are'

Sylph was a little angry but she didn't dare to say anything to this madman.

"Master, why aren't you coming on Avadon's back?"

"Silly girl, I am Zed how could I fly on someone else, I should be at least able to fly for myself"

"Keep dreaming, if one wanted to fly they would need long time research to use a tier 7 magic"

"From your young age, I don't think you are capable of even float a little not even say flying"

While Sylph kept talking about magic tiers and others shits Zed already was in the air floating around her and smiling at her.

Sylph stopped talking and looked at him with incredulity in her eyes. She wiped her eyes and looked at him again. She was stunned and didn't even know what to say.

"Don't just fly there let's go to your home, you said that yourself. master"

'Hmm, someone doesn't what to acknowledge their mistake~"

Zed said that in an amused tone.


They flew for some hours and finally arrived at his home, which is a motherfucking looking castle, not even Demon Lord's castle was this badass.

"We arrived"

"Huh, where is your home all I can see it's a domineering castle"

"Dummy that's my home"



Sylph couldn't take it anymore she fainted.

'First a dragon, then flying now a castle who the fuck is he?'

"Huh seems like this is the maximum she can take from shock, even though she fainted I should praise her for taking so much shock"


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