Hate System
63 Chapter 63
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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63 Chapter 63

Chapter 63

"Hahaha this is the first time I saw a Goddess faint from shock, hahaha"

The guards in front of the gate recognized Zed, moreover, with his dragon, it would be hard to not recognize him, thus they opened the gate.

"Good Day, sir!"

Avadon already went back to his shadow while the Goddess was in his arms sleeping.

Zed went inside his castle only to be met with a familiar face.

"Welcome home, master"

Yes, it was Dao Lin, his secretary. This week he had been busy working almost nonstop but even with so much work that would exhaust one person greatly he still did it with a smile on his face and very good. This was an obedient secretary. In Dao Lin's life, Zed was like his god, he saved his life and saved his family from starving, he has much power and is very mysterious and manly.

'Such a hardworking secretary I think I need to give him a gift"

'CRAP I forgot his gift!'

'System move your ass and give me a gift for a secretary from your shop!'

|Talisman of The Life Lord|

|Talisman of The Life Lord: +200 Intelligence upon wearing|

|Price: 800 Hate Points|

'Oh fuck it! , buy it!'

"Lin, I've seen that you are working hard so as your master how could I not reward you, so I brought a gift for you, more to say a reward"

"Thank you, master!"

Dao Lin didn't care what his master gave him he will still treasure it.

Zed put his hand in his pocket and dragged a green talisman that has green particles around it.

"Thank your master, I will treasure this for the rest of my life!"


"Master, may I ask who is that person in your arms?"

"She is just a Goddess"

"Oh, just a Goddess..."

"A WHAT?!"

Dao Lin's eyes were filled with incredulity at his master's words.

"Shh, don't make such a noise don't you see that she is still sleeping, even though she is my slave she still has the right to sleep"


Dao Lin didn't even know what to say anymore.


While Zed went in his adventure Dao Lin employed a butler and he was a good one at that.

A middle-aged man with silver hair and a silver beard with blue eyes greeted them.

"Yes, sir?"

"Please transport our guest to one of the private rooms"

"Of course sir!"

Zed gave Sylph to Sebastian to carry her to her new room.


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