Hate System
64 Chapter 64
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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64 Chapter 64

@@Chapter 64

"Master, can I discuss something with you?"

"Speak your mind"

Zed and Lin were sitting beside a desk one in front of the other.

Zed was interested in what Lin wanted to say.

"Master I know that you are amazing but could you please be a little slower?"

"What do you mean by slower?"

Zed didn't know what Lin was referring to.

"I mean could you FUCKING DON'T DOMINATE OTHERS COUNTRIES, ENSLAVING GODDESS, KILL GODS and other stuff like that that could make us die from a heart attack?"


Upon thinking back at what he did he could just say that he did make some cool achievements, but even so even other peoples cand to that in little time, I mean how much time would someone need to Enslave a Goddess, just about years would be enough.No big stuff right?

But from the staring Lin did to him he was serious, he didn't want his secretary to die from a heart attack so he could only accept it.

"Ok, I will be slower"

Zed said that with a little indignance.

When Lin saw that he was a little indignant he almost gave out a mouthful of blood.

'THE FUCK, he is even indignant despite being able to enslave a goddess, like it was finding a wild dog.'

Lin massaged his brows.

"If you understand it then it's good"

"Despite dominating the Dwarf country and enslaving a Goddes did you do something else that could kill me from shock?"

"The Hero wants to kill me because I enslaved the Goddess"

"FUCK YOU, I said killing me from SHOCK, not FEAR!"

"Relax it's just a hero what can he do anyway?"

When Lin heard that his head almost exploded from rage, he was the fucking legendary hero who can even achieve god-like powers!

But he calmed down and sighed 'Yap, this is my master'

Zed didn't know why but he started feeling proud.



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