Hate System
65 Chpter 65 The Hero VS Zed
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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65 Chpter 65 The Hero VS Zed

Chapter 65 The Hero VS Zed

Zed and Dao Lin were discussing peacefully the vast improvements in the city, buildings, etc.

Zed was surprised about how hardworking Lin was if he was on earth he would be a first-rate secretary.

But just at this moment, some screamed loud in front of his castle.

"Evil Person comes in front of Your Hero and releases the Goddess or you will suffer the Hero Wrath!"

Lin was scared shitless over this voice he looked at Zed, unbelievable he is smiling in this situation.

"Hahaha he arrived faster than I thought"

"Master please be warry he is op"

"Saying that you are op in front of me is a sin"

"Well well some guys really need to be taught a lesson, let's see what the hero is all about"

Zed opened the castle gate and he could see a team made of 4 members: a healer, a mage, a tanker, and The Hero.

|August lv 999|

|All stats 300 points|

'Yap they are op but in front of me being op is a sin'

The rest of his team were also level 999 but they only had a single stat that reached 300 so he didn't put them in his eyes.

"I'm August the Hero of the legends that will save the world from the Demon King and I command you to free the Goddess"

The hero had golden hair, blue eyes and was handsome. He wore white clothes with strings of gold and they emitted an aura of royalty.

PFFF acting like that in front of Zed was akin to say I want to die to the Devil.

The hero's mage stepped front irritated that she wasted his time here.

"Hurry up already and maybe we will consider sparing you!"

'Sigh... I hate those type of bitches the most'

The Mage didn't know why but she felt more enraged when she looked at him.

"I don't want to"

When Zed only said these words the Hero team was filled with incredulity even the city's people didn't were stupefied.

'Was there such a fool to say that in front of the Hero's party?;

The answer was no up till today no one sane in mind uttered those words in front of them.

If one did he could be called crazy. But this was the first time

"Then Die!"

The Hero was enraged he felt humiliation a single rascal just rejected his proposal this was utterly humiliating after all he was the might hero and his members.

The Hero used his sword to attack Zed, the attack was successful The Hero revealed a smile upon sensing it but the next moment he was flabbergasted. Zed was completely unscathed.

'All I can say is Long Live ARMORS!'

'With his defense stat and armor, he barely made 300 defense so he ignored exactly 300 damage that was the hero power'

Seeing this the Hero Party prepared going full offensive The Hero attacked Zed continuously, the mage chanting high destructive spells the Tanker with 300 defense tanked Zed attacks but every time he got 7 damage points to his health but the Healer healed him every time he had low HP

After half an hour the mage and the Healer had their MP drained completely while The Hero was fatigued and could hardly bread and attack Zed with just a little strength the tanker had the worst he was beaten and healed so many times that his entire body couldn't even feel pain, he even wanted to cry but he from the pain but he was healed every time so he could just endure it.

"Hahaha, so The Legendary Hero party could only amount to this?!"


"Ahh it's been a little while since I used this it's time to use it again"

'System what's the ratio to convert Hate Points to stat points?'

|The current ratio is 10 Hate Points for 1 Stat Point|

'Ceh still blackhearted!'

'Well doesn't matter convert 2000 Hate Points into 200 State Points and add it all in strength'

|Done, thank you for the Hate Points|

With the system thanking Zed he could only feel that he was fooled by the system.

The Hero's party almost fainted when they sensed that Zed's strength just got upgraded so much.

'HOLY FUCK! I prefer battling 100 Demon Lord than Battling him!'

The other members were of the same opinion.

The city members-only sighed and said in unison.

"Yap, this is our king"

From the point of being promoted to the new king, the people from the city knew that he was tyrannical and no one could kill him, these were the opinions of the peoples of this city.

"Now now you had your part striking me for half an hour so it's my time to have fun HAHAHA!"

"So what if you have more strength we still are the Legendary Hero's party!"

August's reply made the other members of the Hero Party proud again they made a battle formation prepared for a full epic battle between the Hero Party and this evil man.


The reality was much crueler than fantasy.

"SHUT UP! I am talking now!"

Zed just send a fist projection from his punch to them and BOOOM.

This power even rivaled that of a tiny nuclear bomb.

It was downright terrifying.

Of course, Zed didn't use his full force, after all, he didn't want to kill the hero's part after all he wanted them to kill the Demon Lord, he could kill it too but since all the world wanted them to do it he could just turn a blind eye for them after all they were the hope of many races.

If Zed used his full force he could instakill them easily.

The Hero's Party has now fainted in a Big Crater.

"Humph that's what happens when someone doesn't have manners and talk when someone else is talking"


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