Hate System
66 Chapter 66
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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66 Chapter 66

Chapter 66

'So the hero really amounts only to this, well I think I overestimated him'

But suddenly a ray of light descended from the clouds on the Hero's body.

His wounds started to heal and regenerate, it was visible to the naked eye.

Zed saw this but he wasn't scared he just looked at him like looking to a movie.

After a few moments, the Hero was completely healed and was conscious now.

"This... This... I think the God of creation blessed me to be able to punish your evil doings!"

"I will use my ultimate move on you so be sure to behold it!"

Large amounts of magic particles, elementals and force were absorbed at the edge of the Hero's sword. The amount of power it emitted could even make the Demon Lord afraid, it was tyrannical and massive. The city people had their jaws dropped at this much power. Everyone can sense the energy filling the air after all the capital is where many op persons are.

'Is our City Lord going to die here?'

This thought was in the heads of almost all the people in the city, even though they saw how powerful Zed can be they could sense the power emanating from The Hero so fear was obviously in their hearts.

'Ahh again flexing in front of me I'm even too lazy to do anything'

'System exchange 2000 Hate Points in 200 Stat Points and put them in Defense'

|Done, thank you for these Hate Points ^v^|

'I hate so much when this fucking system fools me to give him Hate Points, I'm feeling like an idiot that was fooled by a troll'

At this moment The Hero's move was already done.

"Take this move!"


Powerful slashes made of divine golden light stroke Zed body.

'Ahhh it's feeling like a massage!'

'I'm a little stiff so I will allow him to massage me, after all, I'm a merciful man'

When August saw the expressions of pleasure that Zed made he was enraged he started slashing more furiously with a red face.

The people were staring at the battle with incredulity in their eyes again.

After slightly more than half an hour the attacks stopped.

Zed was slightly indignant that the "massage" stopped.

"Why did you stop? "

"Continue the massage"


August the Hero was speechless right now even after using his strongest attack he takes it like a massage. The emotion that he felt couldn't be described in words.

He depleted his every MP, he was sucked dry right now.

"I don't have any MP left..."

"HUH, all you did was a little burst and now you are all done, if you had sex with a woman I would pity the woman"

"Well that doesn't matter anymore take this palm and go back to sleep"

And again August felt this familiar scene happening again.

"Wwwait! we are from the same planet!"

"Ohh so you know this, you have my praise"

"We are from the same planet to why don't we discuss this peacefully?"

"What do you say it's not a bad deal, do you want?"



A big palm with unimaginable force descended upon him.

August felt helpless, what is he gonna go to that beast?!

'This is a beast nothing else!'

His last word was "Beast!" and he felt in the same crater where his teammates were.

The people from the city had a peculiar face like they knew this was gonna happen.

"Yap this is our City Lord"

"Yep that's Zed"

"100% City Lord"


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